fanwishHey guys, what should I wear to the game? A t-shirt that says, “I don’t belong here.”

Yesterday, I shared with you all about my favorite language app, Mango. Today, I wanted to share a cool app for all the student athletes and sports majors! I just got hired to promote “Fanwish,” a new app with FREE daily contests with prizes to meet celebrity athletes and more! Click my link here: and feel free to ask me questions!

Fanwish makes all of your sports wishes come true and has so many great and awesome prizes you can win. If you are someone’s biggest fan, you can even request a contest with them! If there is a contest that you really want to win and not get a lottery ticket for a random drawing, some contests have a buy-it-now option! Please keep in mind that you must be 18+ to enter into the contests. New Fanwishes are posted every morning at 10AM CST, so don’t miss out and wait another day! Join the community now for your chance to get the VIP treatment. Best of luck to all of you! There has to be a winner for every contest and you can be next! Enjoy! :)

Learning Japanese

Continuing with all of my Kakehashi Project blog posts, I wanted to write about how I have been trying to cram learning Japanese into my busy school schedule. There are tons of free apps you can find in the app store for languages. I personally really love Mango, which is a free app I heard you can also download on your phone, but I just use it on my desktop computer/laptop. It repeats everything, quizzes you, and it is pretty practical if you only want to learn practical phrases, while teaching you useful vocabulary. I have also been listening to a ton of Japanese songs, specifically J-Pop songs! I have been enjoying Big Bang’s Japanese songs, even though they are a K-Pop (Korean Idol) group. Another great resource I have been using is listening to Disney songs that have been dubbed in Japanese! They are easy to listen to and sing-a-long to, and can be found on YouTube. Of course, the obvious option would be to take the time to take a Japanese language class like I did when I was an undergrad. I know once I am done with my Master’s Program, I really want to go take Japanese classes at my local community college. But for now, Mango is my new best friend 😀

Kakehashi Project Final Questions

WDW TOT 101Where did you hear about the 2015-2016 Kakehashi Project? (JACL, school, relatives, past participants, etc.)

My dear friend and co-worker, Diane, a past participant, encouraged me to apply based on my fascination with Japan.

Additional Notes

I can sing Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen in Japanese :)

My hope is by sharing my essay answers in my Kakehashi Program application, future students are able to build upon them and go on the program as well. Just a friendly obvious reminder to please not copy and plagiarize my essays. Remember my post on brainstorming? Please brainstorm and write your own genuine responses to the questions. Show them why you should be selected to participate in this program in your own words. If you have any questions, it is encouraged you e-mail the Japanese American Citizens League, which can be found on their website here.

I am still processing how lucky I am to be going on this trip. It is surreal! I am going through all of the paperwork and signing all of my contracts now, and I still cannot believe it. The last time I was out of the country was when I was 5 years old! It will truly be an amazing adventure! I just can’t wait!

Kakehashi Project Question 4

WDW TOT 100Please list your involvement in any other campus/student organizations, volunteer/community service, extracurricular activities, etc.

Ø  I was recently accepted into the CollegeXpress 2015-2016 Students Writers Program, which is voluntary and unpaid. I have years of previous extensive experience as a volunteer blogger on the Chegg Student Blog and the Fullerton Public Library Young Adult blog.

Ø  As Miss Congeniality and the Public’s Facebook Fan Favorite of the Miss Anaheim 2015 Scholarship Pageant (in the Miss America Scholarship Organization system), I am now one of the committee members to ensure that this legacy and the scholarship awards continue in my community.

Ø  I am a current volunteer for The Walt Disney Company, under the organization Disney VoluntEARS. I have organized donations at the food banks, picked up trash on Seal Beach, helped build a playground with Kaboom, and volunteered for the Music Teacher’s Association of California. As a representative of the Disney Diversity Resource Group called HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership Advancement), I read books to third grade students in the Anaheim school district and gave a speech and presentation on Career Day.

Ø  I have been honored with three awards for my volunteering efforts, totaling in over 1,000 hours of community service: Teen Volunteer of the Year (recognized by the City of Fullerton Council) for my dedication to the Summer Reading Program at the Fullerton Public Library; at Fullerton College, I was an active participant of the Service Learning Program and was awarded the Presidential Silver (175+ hours) and Bronze (100+ hours) Volunteer Service Awards.

Ø  I earned both the National and Chapter Excellence in Leadership Awards from the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) by completing workshops, attending socials, raising money at fundraisers, and volunteering at community service events.

Ø  I was a member of UCI Circle K International, a leadership-based community service club. One of my favorite places to volunteer with Circle K was at Hemopet in Garden Grove. In high school, I was an active member of Key Club and American Red Cross and volunteered almost 400 hours of community service.

Ø  I trained with professionals on conflict resolution/mediation, pursuing research, finding strength competencies, diversity, and public speaking in order to receive the UCI Passport to Leadership Certificate. This certificate helped me become a Community Programmer, where I supported the Freshmen Initiatives in Middle Earth Housing and created a home away from home for our students.

Ø  For one academic year, I volunteered as a 3rd/4th grade teacher’s assistant and a 2nd/3rd grade after-school tutor at the Fullerton Richman Elementary School, where I taught and offered clarification to many diverse young students for one school year.

Ø  As a Disabilities Volunteer Student Note-Taker for the Fullerton College Disabilities Center, I practiced patience and deep understanding of students with disabilities to improve class performance.

Ø  I volunteered to drive marketing efforts for the Disney College Program as a Campus Representative. I promoted teamwork, represented The Walt Disney Company with minimal supervision, and acted as a liaison with the support of my supervisors. I organized and hosted information sessions for 100-300 potential recruits alone as a leader and with a small team at colleges in Southern California, including Cal State Fullerton. At the end of my term, I was selected from 950 teammates as the most active Campus Rep in the country.

Ø  I am an active member of the Fullerton Public Library Young Women’s Professional Association and the Coffee House Writers Group in my local chapter.

Kakehashi Project Question 3

WDW TOT 099Please list any leadership experience or involvement you have relating to the Japanese American or Asian American community, US-Japan Relations, or the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)?

I am a member of COMPASS (A Community of Pacific Islanders, Asians, and Allies), which is a Diversity Resource Group in The Walt Disney Company. I am the current Korean assessor for the Disney Language Pin Program and I assist Human Resources in translating Korean documents. In college, I was an active part of the university’s Asian American community. I was selected from a group of distinguished young women to compete in the Vietnamese Student Association’s Rose Pageant. I participated in the Language Exchange Program for Japanese and Mandarin, and enjoyed attending the Annual Asian American Film Festival. In high school, I was the Communications Manager for Amnesty International and the Secretary of the Chinese Club for two years. On Saturdays, I taught Kindergarten to Second Grade Korean and was the Teacher’s Assistant for a Fifth Grade Korean School class. On Sundays, I was the General Secretary of the Korean Christ Vision Chapel Youth Group, and the President of the Korean Han Sarang Ministries Youth Group. During my high school summers, I taught Korean Vacation Bible School and led fun activities.

Kakehashi Project Question 2


How do you plan to utilize your Kakehashi Project experience once you return to the United States?

I am pursuing my Masters of Science in Education and I aspire to teach at my local community college. As a future college educator, it would be easy for me to share my experience and be the on-campus promoter for the Kakehashi Project. Coupled with my passion for learning foreign languages, like Japanese, I hope to break language barriers to truly comprehend global citizenship and the socio-cultural factors that affect learning. My desire to make a lasting positive impact will drive my efforts to utilize my Kakehashi Project experience to reach students from Japanese backgrounds not only in my classroom, but also around the world through my stories.  My life goal is to write world-renowned novels and blogs. I currently am a paid blogger and I have a strong social media following. I influence hundreds of people through my posts and recently was accepted into the CollegeXpress 2015-2016 Student Writers Program. I would record and blog on my different media outlets, like my YouTube channel, throughout the trip. Above all, I would be able to practice and utilize my conversational language skills and would hope to expand my knowledge during those nine days in Japan. I work with many Japanese tourists at the Disneyland® Resort at my current job and I would love to connect and talk to them about their homeland. Eventually, I would love to be a Japanese translator for Disney.

Kakehashi Project Question 1


What interests you about Japan?

The fascinating dichotomy between Japan’s ancient history versus modern advancements in technology captivates my interest. The culture is diverse and open yet secluded and very traditional at the same time. Personally, I have always been influenced by Japan. There is overlap between the Japanese and Korean language, both of which I know, the latter being my native language. My childhood consisted of practicing the art of origami while watching Sailor Moon every day after school. Fascination as a child transferred into academic study as a young adult. I continued to read manga and watch anime. I began learning the language in high school. In college, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Global Cultures with an Emphasis in Japan. I had the opportunity to take classes on its history, cinema, literature, art history, architecture, politics, globalization, and my favorite – Japanese music and dance. Today, I keep in touch with my Japanese friends from my university’s Language Exchange Program through Facebook. I often send text messages in Japanese to my friends too! I cannot imagine how colorless my life would be without Japan, its culture and language. It is alive and constantly growing, with new elements to explore and stories to share. I draw inspiration from Japan in my work and personal life to this day. To be able to travel and experience Japan would be an immensely gratifying journey of discovery and would help me appreciate Japan in another whole new way.


Brainstorming is an important part of the creative process. Whether you use brainstorming to plan an event for your university or to write a research paper, it is the first step to begin doing. Coming up with ideas sometimes can be a challenge – I know I definitely had my days with papers and school projects! It is important to get into “the zone” and get as many ideas out as possible. Between the good and the bad ideas, you will find the best hidden ideas that you would not be able to discover without brainstorming! There is no such thing as a bad idea – you never know where an idea may lead you!

Brainstorming helps to define goals and document what you need and want to achieve. It organizes your thoughts and helps overcome writer’s block. I personally love brainstorming because it is just a free-flow of ideas that come straight from you without any restrictions. When I was writing my essays for my Kakehashi Project application, I just typed out all of my ideas first and then went back and revised. Brainstorming is also what helped make this Youtube Channel become what it is today! Enjoy my second video with BrickVault and always brainstorm!

I’m going to Japan!

About a month ago (when I got too busy to blog), I applied to be a part of the Japanese American Citizens League 2015-2016 Kakehashi Project Program. The Kakehashi Project is an international exchange leadership program where emerging American Asian college students are given the opportunity to explore and experience Japan in order to build positive foreign relations and bolster tourism. I am so excited to announce that yesterday, I received word that I was selected to go to Japan in January! When I read the e-mail, I screamed bloody murder and my mom came running because she thought I was dying. I am so excited to share this experience with you on the College Tips Blog and words cannot describe how I feel right now. I am living! My whole body is shaking! I saved my application and my essays so I will be sure to share what my experience was like with answering the questions. I definitely encourage you to check it out and you can still apply for the third trip in March as well. Here is the website, where you can apply and find more information:

**The song is one of my favorite Japanese songs called Koewokikaste by Big Bang.**

I’m on YouTube! Part 2

As promised from yesterday’s post, here is my haunted house audition. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I tried out to be a scare actor at a local non-profit organization. I felt so privileged to be a part of it two nights ago on Sunday! It was my first time scaring people like they do at Knott’s Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. I had always wanted to work at one of those events, but I could never commit to them with school. This was my way of getting a taste of that experience with the perfect amount of flexibility to fit it into my studies. I had such an amazing time and I would talk about it but the night never reveals its horrific secrets 😉 Whatever happens at Motel 6 Feet Under stays in Motel 6 Feet Under 😉 Even as a college student, you can easily find organizations, events, and local charities to help you celebrate Halloween. Usually your university will host some event. My freshmen dorms had a Fall Festival on Halloween night and I got to share my scary stories. Be sure to reach out to on-campus clubs as well. Whatever you do end up doing this year, make sure you stay safe and scream loud 😉