Hello you glorious descendant of royalty!

Recently, I have been glowing because I feel so incredibly blessed!

One of my many worries of going to college was the dreaded “roulette” of roommates… Yep! Everyone has probably had this factor of fear at least once; You wonder if your roomie will like you, and if you will like your roomie. You hope they have at least a shred of similarities whether it be taste in music, studying habits, perhaps even your majors, or even taste in food!

With the predicament of being the largest incoming class of freshman in the history of my university, space is pretty tight for dorms, as you can imagine! As a result, I ended up being placed in an efficiency triple room. Not just an ordinary triple, but efficiency. As in, three people share a room that was designed for two. Initially, I was quite worried as I have mild claustrophobia and the double rooms are small already, but now I am actually feeling quite excited because I get to save a couple hundred dollars (which are much more like thousands in “college-student currency”), and one of the two roommates I will be meeting shortly seems like such a fun, kind girl! (The other roommate that was signed up to room with us decided to be a commuter student in the end, so we are patiently waiting to hear back from the administration about who is replacing her/what will happen!)

I can just sense a certain aura from they way she speaks (*ahem, types*) that she is super sweet and nice, which was certainly a HUGE breath of relief for me!

I will keep you all posted on my roommates once I meet them and such! :)


They Do Really Want You

During orientation and the first week of college, you will be offered to join almost every club on campus.  All the clubs will be competing for your attention and willingness to join. They will all have speeches about why you should join their club. They will probably get you and the rest of the people who walked past their table to give your contact information. Depending on the organization, most likely half the people will not show up to the first practice or meeting.


So you decided to show up to the first meeting, congratulations! For sports, the first might be the worst night of practice. I, for example, decided I wanted to play a sport in college. (I’ve have done a sport this I did cross country in middle school.) I decided to try fencing . They managed to get five and a half pages of names while recruiting. That is about 120 people give or take. Fifty of us showed up to practice. At practice, we stretched, were given a lot of information and history to digest, and we did footwork. Footwork is about 70% of fencing. For beginners in fencing, your legs will burn and shake as you try to stay in position. Mine did. Our coach also made us do squats with the promise that we would not be able to walk up stairs the next day. He made us keep these positions for extended periods of time. Guess how many showed up to the second practice? Twenty five of us. As our coach said, he was a hard*** on purpose. It was to cut out the people who were not going to be dedicated or the people who thought it be easy. It may sound mean, but why have fifty people when only half want to work and get better. With the quitters out, the coaches can focus on the ones who truly want to learn and improve.

My advice is if you really want to join a sport or club, but you were discouraged by the coach, go back a second time. Besides the fact I am holding myself to stick to a sport, I was glad I went back. This was especially true when I learned we did not have to do squats again. This was my personal experience with joining a club or sport, but I am sure other sports will be the same way. Go back or you might regret it.


A Rant on Tests/Exams

So, knowing that I’d regret it down the line, for a moment the other day, I actually wanted to see what being a college student was like. Why did I know I would regret this thought? Because I had a huge flashback to my Freshman and Junior years of high school, a recollected how much rigorous schoolwork I had to get through before I graduated. That was definitely NOT a fun time for me!

Everyone that I am close to tells me they think I’ll really enjoy college compared to high school (which I don’t even know why), but having tests and reports being worth the majority of my grade sends shivers down my spine!

I test H.O.R.R.I.B.L.Y.
Like, SO badly.

Every time I try to take the advice of counselors and teachers and “Go with my first instinct” on multiple choice questions, my second choice ends up being correct. However, if I try to reverse the process and go with whatever is my final choice, my first instinct ends up being correct! I just can’t win with exams!

Now, I know I probably sound like I just guess on all of my tests, but that’s yet another aspect I hate about tests. I study ALL NIGHT consecutively, quiz myself senselessly, and do everything I can to prepare, and yet when I look at the questions the day of the exam, I see answer choices that have nothing to do with what I studied.

And when there is? There are a few answers that could be right, but one is “more right” than the others. WHAT?!?!

That is why I’m devastated by the fact that tests in college make up like a bajillion percent of one’s grades… (I’m toast.)


What I Learned in High School Pt. 4

Hello there, beautiful beings!

I’m back with another installment of the “What I Learned in High School” series, and today’s piece of wisdom is: It’s okay to go against the “in-crowd.”

Yep, you guys know EXACTLY what group of people I’m talking about: The clique that everyone wants to be a part of, that often makes you feel like you need to conform and change yourself to be like them. To be perfectly honest (as I always am on here!), I was part of this said group for a few years. Now, I didn’t do anything to change myself to be hanging with them… this isn’t to say that I was particularly “popular” or “cool” enough to be a part of it, but with my usual friend group, it just sort of happened. Looking from the inside out, it was terrible to see how people changed the way they dressed, spoke, and even ate to feel like they fit in with the said group. It really, truly broke my heart. Because I didn’t change myself to fit in with them and instead I just proudly sported my “true self,” I started to slowly diverge from the majority of them since I refused to conform. I was becoming very different and independent.

I was going against the “in-crowd,” but I was happier and proud to be myself in the long run. I know this is a really cliché piece of advice, but since we’re going off to college and have a chance to start off the clean slate, we can all work to express ourselves as who we are! :)


My Shower Caddy(s)

I continue to apologize for the lack of a daily post. I am still trying to find what works best as my routine which takes a lot of experimenting. Homework has also taken over my plate, but I think I have started to find out what works best for me. Anyways… I found it helpful to read posts and watch videos about how people organize their stuff or had their room. I am going to be doing a series of these type of posts. First up, your shower caddy.

If you are lucky enough to get the pleasure of communal bathrooms. You will want to invest in a shower caddy. I personally have two, one of the plastic ones that my sister got me, and a mesh one. One is for when I take a shower, and the other is for morning and evening bathroom trips. I know some people have the two in one plastic shower caddy, but I do not.

My plastic caddy is the one I use for my showers. It contains my body wash, two in one shampoo and conditioner, razors, shaving cream, my bath poof, a wash cloth, and a hair tie if I forget to let my hair down before entering the shower stall. Also pictured is my shower flip flops that I wear whenever I shower.


My mesh caddy is used for when I wake up or go to bed. It has my tooth brush, tooth paste, flossing picks, hand soap, cotton swabs,  hair brush, leave in conditioner, medicine for my cold sores, moisturizer, deodorant, Clean and Clear morning scrub, Clean and Clear Acne cleanser, and Clean and Clear night scrub.



Things Are Becoming So Real…

Hello my pretties~!

As the title blatantly states: Everything is becoming so so real, and I honestly don’t know how to feel about that!

Because my university starts later than most (or at least later than most of my peers), I have a little less than a month before I head off to school. I have seen countless photos of primped up dorm rooms, new cities that my friends ventured off to, “selfies” with their new-found friends, and much more. While I feel very excited for them and for how their lives will change in the near future, I feel a lot of anxiety at the same time because of both the idea of separation and goodbyes from my family, as well as how I’d need to adjust to so many new things.

The other day while I quickly stopped by Wal-Mart with my family, we were walking past all of the shampoos and body washes and all that good(necessary) stuff, my mom reminded me that I needed to start buying all of the products I’ll be needing in college. For some odd reason, that statement really sunk down into the bottom of my heart and made it feel all heavy. It made college a reality… (This probably won’t be the last time I post about the worries of moving out, so be aware…)

To those of you who have already moved into your dorm room who have a mild/severe case of homesickness/attachment: How is it so far???


What I Learned in High School Pt. 3

Hey pretty faces! So I’m back with my third installment of my “What I Learned in High School” series! Today’s piece of wisdom is: PRIORITIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this one will probably sound like a “duh” piece of advice, but in reality, it is actually one that is mostly disregarded by may. Perhaps it is more “taken lightly” than disregarded, depending on the person, but it is true that it is overlooked by students (and adults, alike!).

So what does it mean to prioritize?

Well, in the dictionary, it is defined as, “To organize or deal with something according to its importance.” Seems straight forward enough! Why, though, do we struggle SO much with this seemingly simple task? In my humble opinion, I think that it is because we are blinded by the things we WANT to do, as opposed to the things we NEED to be doing.

For example, I will tell you a little anecdote about how the conflict mentioned above affected me personally in high school. (Don’t judge me!!)

In just about everyone’s most difficult time of high school, the blasted Junior year, I got super addicted to watching my favorite t.v shows. I know that it’s normal to watch one or two hours of t.v a day for the average student, but this was a very unusual habit for me as I rarely ever watched any. Here’s the worst part: These were series that I’d already watched 2 or three times in total. YEP. I know. Even as I was (re)watching them, I knew that I was wasting a bunch of valuable time, but it was the only way I could relieve some of the packed on stress of school and extracurriculars. Although I only watched about an hour a day of said shows, that was one more hour I could have spent doing something more productive. I could have studied a little longer for that chemistry test, I could have practiced a few more lines of music on the violin, or I could have even jumped on the opportunity to have a little more of the very-needed, delicious sleep. Looking back, I really regret not prioritizing better in those situations, especially when I knew I was screwing up. It was a real addiction, but I probably could have asked for help from my parents to keep me on track, I could have even put my phone (on which I watched all the shows) in a drawer and leave it until I was done with everything I needed to do first.

This inability to effectively prioritize might have been one of the reasons why I did not get the grades that I was really hoping for, and when you look back, you will truly, truly regret it, because good grades can equate to tens of thousands of dollars worth of academic scholarships!

I definitely learned my lesson in high school, and I plan on disciplining myself with this further in college, and I hope you all can do so as well whether you’re in college already, or even trying to make new habits in high school!


Pizza: The New Staple Of Your Diet

I feel bad for all the pizza haters who go to college. You will ultimately end up eating a slice or three while you are college. It is cheap and easy to feed big groups of people with. At least around my campus, pizza is everywhere, the cafeteria, pizza shops, etc. It is the main dish served at student events. You just cannot get away from it. When I had the choice of picking where to eat today, I told my family not to get pizza. The last two nights I have had guys buy pizza and give me some. I tried the cafeteria pizza once or twice, and they have served it at all the student events I been too. Pizza makes it difficult to avoid the freshman fifteen especially if it is greasy. This post is just a warning that you will probably eat enough pizza in college to last you the rest of your life.

I also want t o apologize for not posting everyday. I am still figuring out my routine with balancing classes, homework, sleep, eating, and activities. Some days, I have to read three chapters and take notes on them for homework, and I literally have no brain power to write a post after that. I hope to be turning out daily tips soon. Once last thing, do not lose or forget your key. Your roommate will start to hate you if they are always letting you in. My roommate is key-less at the moment.

Picture from Wikipedia


The Thing About Leaving…

Hello you magnificent creatures!

So I thought I’d just take a tiny break from the “What I Learned in High School” series to just blab about something I’ve been worried about for a long while. I know that most of you were/are super excited to head off to college and possibly even get away from your family for a while, but for me, that excitement is replaced with worry and anxiety. Sure, it’ll be fun in the long run to expand my horizons and meet new people, but personally, I am very very sheltered and dependent on my parents. I know that might sound insanely childish, but that’s honestly how I grew up and was raised!

My parents always held my hands tightly in everything that I did, so it is extremely difficult for me to make important decisions by myself, conjure up my own, concrete opinions, and generally function as a well thought-out human being.

I definitely have to make the hugest transition of my life in less than a month, and I couldn’t be more scared! Although I’ll only be four hours away, it’ll seem like I’m halfway around the world… I also have very severe trust issues and the inability to socialize, so I’ll probably end up more lonely, but nonetheless, I WILL TRY MY BEST to make new friends, learn more about myself, and expand myself to discover who “Phoebe Kim” really is.
I hope you all can have that incredible moment of realization as well!


Don’t Go Home

It is the first official weekend of the school year at my school, and people are talking about plans to go home. Being eight hours from home, I do not have this luxury instead I get to explore my campus. Even if I could go home, I do not think I would. I am sure people have their reasons such as forgetting something or homesickness, but I can not justify going home so soon. It would just mean another round of painful goodbyes by the end of the weekend. I fully support going home and visiting your family, but I do not suggest the first weekend. College is about learning to live on your own and be independent.  Going home the first weekend does not foster those ideas. Instead of traveling home, I suggest traveling the local area. I plan on using this weekend  to explore the parts of campus I have yet to see as well as the surrounding city. I go to a university with tons to do without leaving campus, and each day I discover something new. One of my new favorite spots is my campus’s meditation room. When I first heard meditation room, I envisioned a small classroom with hard wood floors, and the walls painted a calming color such as blue. I basically pictured a yoga studio without mirrors and mats. Instead it is this huge space with frosted glass to break the space into smaller sections. You first have to go through this small hallway to get into the meditation room from the building. Once inside, there is a huge open space with a giant rock garden to the left. There are benches and chairs to sit and meditate or pray. Along the right and back wall, there is frosted class to close of sections for people looking for privacy. The air just makes you relax as you walk in. No matter how stressed I am, I always feel relaxed when I enter.


Rooms such as these would never be discovered without exploration. Instead of going home this weekend, go find something new on your campus. At the very least, do your homework.