Last Trip of Summer 2014

Heyllooo everyone! I’m back from my 3 day hiatus! I’m super sorry about the sudden absence, the Labor Day weekend was super busy and I was on the road for a majority of the time! With that being said, let’s catch up!

This Labor Day weekend, my family and I had a full schedule!
On Friday evening, we drove up to Washington to stay the night at a close friend of my mom’s house. It was our own version of a more intimate house warming party as they just recently moved in, as well as a way for us to start our day earlier in Washington so we could get back to Oregon later the same day without it getting too dark. On Saturday morning, we helped out my mom’s friend prepare for a bigger party at her house at noon, and we left promptly before the crowd of 100 people started to flood in. After eating brunch at a gourmet Chinese restaurant our good friends for 20 years own, we headed to Tacoma to get our hair done. Yes, we go all the way to a different to get our hair done, mainly because our hair dresser is Korean and therefore has a better knowledge of how to work with stubborn Asian hair, and also because my brother has a very…specific way he likes his hair done. Anyways, I got a trim and a light perm done on the lower half of my hair, my brother, mom, and dad all had their hair done, and we were back in our car. We shopped for home groceries at various Korean markets, met my uncle and had dinner, and we headed back for Oregon after I bought my dad some Starbucks for my family’s safety :) (All that driving made him REALLY tired, as you can imagine!)

We actually stayed at a hotel near the mountains and just slept to recharge for the day.
Sunday morning, we woke up to a beautiful day and headed for the beach! One thing about me is that I absolutely LOVE the beach! I’m addicted to watching the waves and getting sand stuck between my toes… I turn into an absolute child! :) After indulging in delicious food with an even better oceanfront view from the must-visit Mo’s, we went s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g~!
While we didn’t actually end up buying that much, it was so much fun to just spend time with my family and walk around the mall. I picked up some fall essentials at Abercrombie and Fitch, which I’m looking forward to sporting!

When we were done shopping, we went to one of my favorite places ever! La playa~ ^^
The weather was seriously so amazing this weekend, and it wasn’t even cold at the beach! We had a warm sun, a nice but not overdone breeze, and not too many people! I had the best time running away from the waves as they crashed in on the shore, getting wet when I failed to run fast enough, and taking a million silly photos with my family :) <3 The view of the water as the sun was slowly setting upon it was so breathtaking, I wish I could have stayed there forever!

But of course, nothing lasts forever… So we headed back to the hotel, cooked up some instant udon with the coffee pot, and stayed in for the rest of the night with some t.v., exercise at the gym within the hotel, and just time with each other.

Before going off to college and being apart from my family for 3 months, I feel so insanely blessed to have spent this valuable time with all of my loved ones. I will never forget this mini-vacation/getaway/bonding time… <3

Countdown: 19 days.


Pandora Is Life

My roommate went home for the weekend, so that meant I had our dorm room to myself since Friday. Typically, when my roommate is here, we listen to her Pandora. She has about a hundred different stations she switches between. Half are in Spanish, so I have no clue what we are listening to. Some stations I actually like. I only have three or four Pandora stations. I typically only listen to the one because I have edited to my liking and add variety to it. I got to play my station all weekend long, and I savored each second. I would have sung along, but there are still people who didn’t go home like me, and I am extremely self conscious about my singing. I have only sung in front of my best friend once or twice. My family has heard me sing since I was little, but they are the only ones I will sing in front of. I have had other people ask me to sing, and I flat out refuse.


Anyway, I suggest you have either Pandora, another music app/website, or a playlist for college. I listen to music all the time. Walking to a class by myself, I listen to music. Doing homework, I listen to music. Working out, going to sleep, etc. I will have music on. It makes doing things easier.


Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

My former archaeology professor, when I was in an undergraduate student, gave me a piece of advice that has stayed forever with me. During my finals week, he noticed how tired and exhausted I was physically and emotionally. He asked me if I thought I was in control of my grades and if I was confident in my study skills. I thought about it and hesitantly said yes. He said that was good, because if I am in control, then I do not need to worry. And even if I was not in control, not to worry, since I do not have control anyways. So the moral was to not worry either way. I would apply this same concept to all the choices that I make and if they are out of my hands. I know that I am exactly where I am meant to be and that I become what I believe. The only person I am destined to be is the person I decide to be and every failure is actually a step to success. It is inspiring to see so many classmates in my current graduate program cohort that are coming back to college while they have their careers and families, to prove that it is never too late to be what you might have been.



Anger Management Pt. 3

For many of us, this past week was our first week of school. Many of us may still be in the happy honeymoon phase. But soon enough, we will get angry…I challenge you all to during this next week be aware of the first time you feel anger. Check the previous posts for Parts 1 and 2!

3. What was the eventual outcome of your anger?

I tried to be as calm as possible since my mother taught me to never drive when one is angry. She says this is how accidents happen. I did my best not to slam my car doors even though I wanted to. Honestly though, I was not going to give my boyfriend the satisfaction of any more of my wasted time by continuing to be angry at him. I tried to not think of it and instead blasted the radio in my car to drown out my thoughts. After I had safely parked my car, I looked down at my phone to see that he had apologized for over-reacting and not telling me earlier that he had given out his number. He finished the text by saying he could not wait to see me after school. I responded I could not wait either and that I hate saying goodbye and leaving on a bad note. Hopefully, in the future we will avoid these situations.

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Anger Management Pt. 2

For many of us, this past week was our first week of school. Many of us may still be in the happy honeymoon phase. But soon enough, we will get angry…I challenge you all to during this next week be aware of the first time you feel anger. Check yesterday’s post for Part 1 and Part 3 is soon to come!

2. Describe your physical feelings while angry.

Like I previously stated, at first I was not angry. I was shocked, but perhaps more confused and puzzled. I felt betrayed more than anything else because I never imagined him doing that. Since he is definitely a good-looking guy and of attractive stature, I knew that there was a moderate chance of him being in these encounters with other females. However, I trusted him enough to know how to react in these situations and that he would do the right thing. In other words, he would not pursue them or give them a chance to woo him since he was already in a long-term committed relationship with me. After he became defensive and furious with the way that I was reacting to this new development (i.e. previous omission) in the story, he refused to hold my hand or give me a hug goodbye. After multiple attempts, it was then that I gave up and became angry. I was thinking, “I don’t have time for this. I can do better than him and not have to deal with his immaturity.” I wanted to drive off to work in high speed and never talk to him again or give him another chance. Even though he called out and tried to drag me back by my purse, I pushed him away and kept walking to my car. My mind was made up to leave and my physical body was too. I was fuming that he had blown this situation out of proportions when I was not angry to begin with. My heart was racing and I remember feeling my body tense up.

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Hello you glorious descendant of royalty!

Recently, I have been glowing because I feel so incredibly blessed!

One of my many worries of going to college was the dreaded “roulette” of roommates… Yep! Everyone has probably had this factor of fear at least once; You wonder if your roomie will like you, and if you will like your roomie. You hope they have at least a shred of similarities whether it be taste in music, studying habits, perhaps even your majors, or even taste in food!

With the predicament of being the largest incoming class of freshman in the history of my university, space is pretty tight for dorms, as you can imagine! As a result, I ended up being placed in an efficiency triple room. Not just an ordinary triple, but efficiency. As in, three people share a room that was designed for two. Initially, I was quite worried as I have mild claustrophobia and the double rooms are small already, but now I am actually feeling quite excited because I get to save a couple hundred dollars (which are much more like thousands in “college-student currency”), and one of the two roommates I will be meeting shortly seems like such a fun, kind girl! (The other roommate that was signed up to room with us decided to be a commuter student in the end, so we are patiently waiting to hear back from the administration about who is replacing her/what will happen!)

I can just sense a certain aura from they way she speaks (*ahem, types*) that she is super sweet and nice, which was certainly a HUGE breath of relief for me!

I will keep you all posted on my roommates once I meet them and such! :)


They Do Really Want You

During orientation and the first week of college, you will be offered to join almost every club on campus.  All the clubs will be competing for your attention and willingness to join. They will all have speeches about why you should join their club. They will probably get you and the rest of the people who walked past their table to give your contact information. Depending on the organization, most likely half the people will not show up to the first practice or meeting.


So you decided to show up to the first meeting, congratulations! For sports, the first might be the worst night of practice. I, for example, decided I wanted to play a sport in college. (I’ve haven’t done a sport this I did cross country in middle school.) I decided to try fencing . They managed to get five and a half pages of names while recruiting. That is about 120 people give or take. Fifty of us showed up to practice. At practice, we stretched, were given a lot of information and history to digest, and we did footwork. Footwork is about 70% of fencing. For beginners in fencing, your legs will burn and shake as you try to stay in position. Mine did. Our coach also made us do squats with the promise that we would not be able to walk up stairs the next day. He made us keep these positions for extended periods of time. Guess how many showed up to the second practice? Twenty five of us. As our coach said, he was a hard*** on purpose. It was to cut out the people who were not going to be dedicated or the people who thought it be easy. It may sound mean, but why have fifty people when only half want to work and get better. With the quitters out, the coaches can focus on the ones who truly want to learn and improve.

My advice is if you really want to join a sport or club, but you were discouraged by the coach, go back a second time. Besides the fact I am holding myself to stick to a sport, I was glad I went back. This was especially true when I learned we did not have to do squats again. This was my personal experience with joining a club or sport, but I am sure other sports will be the same way. Go back or you might regret it.


Anger Management Pt. 1

For many of us, this past week was our first week of school. Many of us may still be in the happy honeymoon phase. But soon enough, we will get angry…I challenge you all to during this next week be aware of the first time you feel anger. Parts 2 and 3 are soon to come!

1. Describe the situation that caused the anger.

While saying goodbye to my boyfriend as I was leaving for school, I was purposely delaying myself because I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him. I knew that I would miss him and told him this as well. I commented on how cute I thought he was and he humbly denied it. He went on to say that I was the only person that thought this. I jokingly reminded him about the time from two months ago when another girl approached him at the night market and told him that she thought he was cute. In addition to saying that this was a one-time happening, when he retold the story to me this time, he casually slipped in that he had given her his number. I was not aware of this and was more shocked than angry because he had not told me this earlier. I did not understand why he would have given her his number, when we had already been dating for over two and a half years. He then became extremely defensive and angry, which spiraled into me storming off to my car without saying goodbye.

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A Rant on Tests/Exams

So, knowing that I’d regret it down the line, for a moment the other day, I actually wanted to see what being a college student was like. Why did I know I would regret this thought? Because I had a huge flashback to my Freshman and Junior years of high school, a recollected how much rigorous schoolwork I had to get through before I graduated. That was definitely NOT a fun time for me!

Everyone that I am close to tells me they think I’ll really enjoy college compared to high school (which I don’t even know why), but having tests and reports being worth the majority of my grade sends shivers down my spine!

I test H.O.R.R.I.B.L.Y.
Like, SO badly.

Every time I try to take the advice of counselors and teachers and “Go with my first instinct” on multiple choice questions, my second choice ends up being correct. However, if I try to reverse the process and go with whatever is my final choice, my first instinct ends up being correct! I just can’t win with exams!

Now, I know I probably sound like I just guess on all of my tests, but that’s yet another aspect I hate about tests. I study ALL NIGHT consecutively, quiz myself senselessly, and do everything I can to prepare, and yet when I look at the questions the day of the exam, I see answer choices that have nothing to do with what I studied.

And when there is? There are a few answers that could be right, but one is “more right” than the others. WHAT?!?!

That is why I’m devastated by the fact that tests in college make up like a bajillion percent of one’s grades… (I’m toast.)


Get Excited About Reading

I love my new graduate studies program and I am trying to get back to my roots. But to become the most successful reading teacher and educator I can be, I need to evaluate my own experiences and reflect on why I want to continue this career path. Answers to questions numbers 1-6 are in previous posts!

  1. How do you get your students excited about reading?

I cannot agree with the quote on our home page: “If you think reading is boring, you are doing it wrong.” My significant other claims that he does not like to read, and I have told him this many times. It is not that one dislikes the act of reading, but he or she simply has not found the right material to get them excited to read yet! This applies to my high school education as well. I loved reading certain books in contrast to others. To make it exciting, teachers should cater to their students and encourage them to find what they are passionate about.

  1. What specific questions about reading/teaching reading do you hope to have answered?

I would like to see why certain books are more successfully than others and evaluate these theories and reasons. Upon mastering them, I would like to toss in my own publications and bring reading back! I hope to write the next Harry Potter or Twilight series, and make reading the most trending fad!

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