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Post Midterm Blues?

Maybe you received midterm grade(s) a few weeks ago and you are struggling to raise your grade before the semester ends? Maybe you are doing alright in your classes but it is still important for you to raise your grade and you know you are capable of doing better?

Yes, it is the home stretch and the time to work extremely hard and study long hours. Hopefully you are not experiencing the kind of attitude that Calvin is here:

hard work

It can be easy to say “then forget it” especially if you believe you can’t improve your grade. But you can always improve your grade – don’t give up!

  • Talk to your instructor/professor to find out exactly where you stand and what scores you need to get on the remainder of the exams and assignments to reach your goal
  • Talk with your academic adviser so he/she can help you make a plan of action and share other resources with you.
  • Go over your earlier test with your instructor to find out what you are doing wrong, are you over analyzing questions? Are you doing better on multiple choice questions or short answer questions? Are you studying the content you need to study?
  • Meet with an academic coach at your College Academic Success Center. You will pick up some tips and methods of study that will help you.
  • Study with your peers, especially the ones who are doing a little better in class.
  • Ask questions, review notes with peers and instructors.

Do not let pride stand in your way. Ask the questions, professors want to help students learn the material. By visiting them in their office for extra help, they know you are a good student who is really to trying to pass their class and will be very helpful,

Have a good week of classes and set aside more than plenty if time to study.






Introducing Academic Adviser


I have been an academic adviser at a large Division I college for many years and this is my very first blog entry.  It’s time for me to try something new and why not a blog where I can use my experience and share my knowledge with even more college students? I often tell my students to “step out of their box” and try something new or “take action”. So, I am trying to follow my own advice and the quote of this unknown author.

“The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.”  ~Author Unknown

Well, it’s that time of year again and you are planning for Spring semester and registering for classes AND I am very busy helping 300+ students register and giving career advice to many students changing their major. In fact, I have helped students navigate their way through college for over 12 years and can’t imagine doing anything else for a career.

Whatever your major, it’s very important to create a long term academic plan. Planning will help you balance your course load which will result in greater academic success and and save TIME & MONEY! You definitely don’t want any surprises especially when it comes time to graduate. Courses have prerequisites and some are offered Fall or Spring only. Know your curriculum and course offerings at your school to avoid delaying graduation. If your parents are helping you pay for college, your stock will go up in the “pride and joy” category.