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Lessons I learned

Hello friends! I apologize for being away for so long – I just arrived to the East Coast from overseas! Might I just add, it took over 1 day of traveling and that was not fun. Now that I have returned I would like to share with you the lesson I learned post-graduation/pre-orientation.
On a side note, I truly cannot believe my high school graduation was practically three months ago! Wow, how time flies!
Here is a list of the lessons I have learned post-high school grad and pre-college orientation:
1. Family is always going to be there for you. They are the most important people you have and you should be grateful for the time you have with them because it passed by unbelievably fast.
2. You should attend at least one graduation party. However, once you attend one, you attend all. Also, there is really no need to do what the majority of people are doing at the party. If all of them are drinking heavily, that does not mean you should.
3. You will lose touch with high school friends after these parties. It is completely normal and perfectly fine. Do not expect that you will keep in touch and be best friends with your entire high school class after graduation. You graduated for a reason; there is no need to act like you are still living in it.
4. There will a handful of friends that you will want to keep in touch with and will keep in touch with you. Keep them in your lives because they are extremely important and mean so much. They are the ones worth keeping.
5. Last but not least, you are about to start finding out who you are and who you want to be. If you think you know yourself now, you will be surprised to know that you are about to undergo a lot of changes that will affect your personality and who you are.
I would be thrilled to hear what you have learned or your thoughts on this post.



Airport problems

Yes, this will be a rant about how horrible airport and airlines can tend to be because of the airport problems my family and I faced today. This afternoon, we went to the section of the airline in the city that allows us to send our suitcases in to be weighed and placed on board 24 hours before our flight. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how me, my mother, and my brother were all supposedly allowed to pack 2 suitcases and a handbag each because we are coming from overseas. HOWEVER, apparently we were very wrong. Even though we asked our travel agent several times if she was sure we are allowed to do so, we were only able to carry one suitcase each. Even though this may not seem like a major problem, it is when you are trying to pack everything you need for college under 23 kilograms. After spending a really long time complaining to airline officials, we managed to squish most our things in 4 suitcases – and boy, were they overweight… We paid for the fine for having overweight luggage along with another fine for carrying an extra bag. We thought sending out luggage early would be a breeze. Nope. Not at all. However, I should be positive and grateful that we did it today rather than tomorrow at the airport. It would have been much more hectic if this happened a few hours before our flight. Here is my very important advice for you, DO NOT rely on your travel agent. Always check with directly with the airline you are traveling with instead. They will provide you with more accurate information 100% of the time and would help you avoid the situation I was in today.

Safe travels to anyone who is heading off to their university or college! :-)

Other than that, I am super excited to be flying out for university tomorrow. Also, here is a picture of the view while driving to my grandma’s house earlier this evening:




Hello everyone! I now have less than 40 hours in my beloved country before I head for the States and my eldest brother decided to take me out for lunch. During our lunch, I happened to mention to him that I have finally decided that I want to concentrate in Psychology. Previously, I was either undecided or constantly changing my mind. However, there is something about this major that I think I will not want to change for at least a while.

Even though not many people see it as a useful or profitable major, my brother was supportive and thought it was a great idea. It really is nice for someone to have your back. :-)

However, this had me thinking. I am so fortunate to be able to pick my major. Many of my friends here do not get to decide what to study yet alone where to study. All of this is decide under their parents. This is something we should be grateful for – having the liberty to choose.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is majoring in something what some would call “unusual”. If you are thinking about majoring in something that everyone else agrees is “not the right major for you” or “there is no future” with, you should try to prove them wrong. If you love your major, you shouldn’t have to change it to appeal to others. Do what you love. Study what you love. It’s your degree and it’s your future, not theirs. There is nothing wrong with wanting what you want or chasing your happiness. I think it is better to spend 4+ years studying something you enjoy rather than spending that time miserably studying something you hate.

Share your passion(s) with me, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Book of majors – courtesy of College Board and

More goodbyes and packing

My title for today’s post pretty much gives away how my day went – it was filled with more goodbyes and packing. This morning I spent over three hours packing everything that I think I will need for college. Even though I am afraid that I may have overpacked, I am also worried that I might have under-packed. That’s the problem when you are coming from overseas… You never quite know how much is enough. :-)

After I went through every single drawer, cabinet, closet, shelf, and storage box that had any of my belongings, I had to pick and choose what I saw as necessary to bring, what is donatable, or what is simply just trash. I also discovered that I am quite the hoarder. In the many piles of things I created, I found memories from the 2008! Sixth grade feels like yesterday… After those tiresome and dreadful hours were over, I somehow managed to pack practically everything I need except a few essentials that I will still be using until departure day.

Empty drawers
All packed and ready to go

Earlier this evening I met up with some good friends to have one last hangout together. One of them is going to a university in Pennsylvania and the other two are studying in the country. We had plenty of laughs and a wonderful time, until it was time to say goodbye. I must say goodbyes are probably one of the worst things in the world. After having to part ways with to two of our friends, it was just me and my best friend roaming the mall. Having to say goodbye to her, one of my best friends, was even harder – especially because we do not know when we will see each other again. Long-distance friendship will have to do.

My tip for you today is: if you are the emotional or sensitive type, I recommend a box of tissues and to not wear makeup when it is time for you to say goodbye to someone important to you.

College Courses (YAY)

Today was an exciting day for me. Not only did I shop and pack some more, but I also got to find out a little bit of my schedule for college. Today they announced our First Year Studies, a yearlong course that is incredibly important for freshmen Although it meets only twice a week, it is up to you to make biweekly appointments with the professor to meet up and work on the course some more. You will need to match your free time with their office hours before anyone else takes that open slot.

My First Year Studies (FYS) is Child/Adolescent Development. I am really excited about because it was one of my top four choices. The course is a psychology class that heavily focuses on how the mind of an infant develops all the way through its adolescent years. The class only takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays, I believe (which ruins my plan to try to adjust my schedule to having no classes on Friday). It’s okay though, I can try for Monday! Fingers crossed, staying positive. However, the only downside is that I do not get to choose my other courses until orientation which is at the end of the month. For now, I think I am just going to search for books that I might need for the course and hopefully get them for a decent price.

My advice for you, plan your schedules carefully. Make sure you pick the timeslots that you know you’ll be more focussed in. Also, you do not want to register too late, or else you will be stuck with courses you do not like or in the worst time slots (like early morning – unless you’re a morning person…

Here is my schedule so far:


I’d love to hear about yours or what courses you will be taking. What are you most excited about? Feel free to share in a reply below.

Handbags vs. Backpacks

My friends and I had an interesting debate today. We debated whether we should get backpacks or handbags for college. Some argued for handbags, and others protested for backpacks. It was a feisty debate and I am sure some of you girls have wondered the same thing.

Handbags vs. Backpacks

After a long debate, here is a list of reasons why you should consider each:-


  • They are easy to carry around if you only have a few things
  • They come in many different colors, patterns, and styles
  • They are convenient, especially if you are in a rush
  • They make you appear more mature
  • They take up less space
  • They can be used or taken anywhere


  • They are much easier to deal with if you have a lot of things
  • They also have different sizes, colors, patterns, and styles
  • They are easier to walk around campus in because you can put it around both of your shoulders
  • The majority of college students carry one
  •  They tend to fit more of your belongings than a handbag

Some good points have been made for both sides, which makes this decision a difficult one. However, the more we argued the more we all thought how it would be much more convenient to get both a handbag and a backpack. That way, if one day we have only a few things to carry, we can use the handbag. Or if we have a packed day with a busy schedule, a backpack can work, too!

You can look for cute backpacks and handbags online at:

handbag backpack


6 Word Story

It is crazy, really. People create one sentence with a total six words to share something personal about themselves. These 6 word stories resonate to people all over the globe. What someone wrote about their personal experience is relatable to someone else and what they are going through. A combination of 6 words can mean so much to someone.

I used to write plenty of 6 word, sometimes 10, word stories while in high school. It was a good way to pass time in class or just let my emotions out. I am not sure really why I stopped.  I should probably reconsider writing them again. However, they are easier read than written. I enjoy reading them more than limiting myself to six words. Although they are incredibly short, thousands of people, like myself, find them to be “exactly what I am going through”. Today, I read this one:

“I’m doing the best I can.”

I urge you to read this and read this again and again. Everyone is going through something that we may not comprehend how hard it is for them. They have to deal with it the best they can. Even if it may not seem like they are doing much, it probably took them a lot of courage and energy to get how far they have gotten. Everyone struggles and we can never understand how difficult it is for them until we walk in their shoes. As future or current college students, I think it is really important for us to be open minded and considerate. Do not judge quickly. Instead, be supportive because everyone is fighting their own battles.

If you want to read more six word stories, check out this website:

Always remember, even when there seems everything is dark, there is a blue sky and a better day on it’s way for you.


(I can be a bit of a photographer sometimes)

Feel free to share your 6 word story in a comment below!


Packing for College

Today was a hectic day. Mom and I spent over 6 hours running around town to shop for our trip next week and about 2 of those hours we were stuck in traffic. Once we got home, we began to pack my things for college!

Packing from overseas is a difficult thing. You have a strict limit of how much you can bring with you in two suitcases and 23 kilograms each.

Here are some of the things we did in order to make the packing process easier:

  1. Make of list of all the things you will need and be as detailed as possible.
  2. When it comes to clothes, only pack what you know you will be wearing. For those going to schools close to home, only pack what you need for the period you will be gone for. You can always carry more when you are back.
  3. Do not, I repeat, do not, over pack. We have very limited space and I assure you not all of your stuff will fit. Keep it to what you need.
  4. If you aren’t sure what you need, use these websites: or
  5. From what I have been told, Target is college shopping heaven. All of your dormitory and other needs can be found in their large aisles.
  6. Take a break every now and then so you don’t stress out!

In case you were wondering how far we gotten, here is picture to show you. It may not be much, but our pup sure thinks it is a victory!


My College Bucket List

With almost two weeks until the first day of college, it is time for me to do something that I did four summers ago. It is time to create my college bucket list! Being able to check off things from my bucket list was one of the best parts of high school, especially when some of those things had to be done with my friends. Below I have written my top 25 goals that I hope to accomplish before 2018. Feel free to share what you want to put on your bucket list with a comment below!

bucket list

  1. Learn another language
  2. Go on a road trip with friends
  3. Visit my best friend on her campus in Toronto
  4. Go vegan for a week
  5. Run a marathon (preferably a color marathon)
  6. Hold a “Free Hugs” sign for a day
  7. Be brave enough to audition for a theatre production
  8. Take a picture of something that made you smile every day
  9. Get an off-campus internship that you will enjoy
  10. Take a selfie with the school mascot
  11. Meet as many people as I can
  12. Find something new to be passionate about
  13. Learn an instrument
  14. Go to a concert
  15. Watch an on campus sport game
  16. See a broad way show
  17. Avoid the freshmen 15
  18. Learn how to do a handstand
  19. Become a morning person
  20. Have an unforgettable spring break
  21. Start keeping a day-planner
  22. Have an outdoor picnic
  23. Volunteer (perhaps at an animal shelter)
  24. Shop on Black Friday
  25. Join a club


Leaving these Paper Towns

“It’s so hard to leave- until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world…Leaving feels too good, once you leave.” – John Green, Paper Towns

I have recently finished reading Paper Towns, a short novel written by John Green. Even though the characters are incredibly similar to Green’s characters in his other books, it was still a good quick read in my opinion. A part of the novel that really stuck to me was when Margo, a senior in high school who runs away from home, says “It’s so hard to leave-until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world…Leaving feels too good, once you leave.”

It’s only early August and the majority of my friends have already left the country for university. The different time zones are a struggle, but we still manage to chat every now and then. From what they each have told me, they all have one thing in common – they, like Margo, are enjoying their lives in their new surroundings.

With everyone moving abroad, it has gotten me thinking about what will happen when I must go. I think the hardest part about leaving would be not knowing what to expect next. Some may argue that the uncertainty is a good thing. I, for one, see it as both. When you’re in a place too long, you will find yourself stuck in a routine. What is so exciting about a routine? And if you find yourself in your everyday routine right now, then you know it’s time to leave to someplace where you have to establish yourself all over again. Someplace where you do not know the culture of the people, or how much a can of soda costs, or even where to begin exploring. Someplace where you do not know if the people there will be friendly, if you will find a job, or if you will like the music there. Someplace that if you had a rental car, you would need to use the lousy GPS system that will probably only end up getting you more lost than you were in the first place. This is the kind of uncertainty that I see as a good thing. However, not knowing what to expect can make you over think and nervous. The only solution I have for this is to talk to people and asking them questions. You can ask people that have visited that country about their experience. Searching online about what other people thought about it and questioning the locals there about the country helps too!

Even though I will be leaving a lot behind here in a couple of weeks, I believe that only good things lie ahead. I hope when/if you plan on leaving your paper town, that you will have an adventure of a lifetime!

Nora N.Calendar August