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5 days.

I previously have mentioned that I hope to correct my procrastination problems this semester. In the past, I have had serious procrastination problems that have caused me some trouble with my classes. My solution: Use a planner to help stay organized, work ahead when possible, and always be prepared. I recommend this to everyone!

I also previously mentioned that I planned to get my textbooks today, and then I would be completely prepared to start back to school on Monday. Well, I still don’t have my books…but I did at least attempt to get my books today lol. I ended up spending half my day at the hair salon, and the bookstore was closed when I got there at 5 o’clock. Now my plan is to go back tomorrow to get the books, and then I really will be completely prepared to start school on Monday! Just a few more days to go!


Text books.

Less than a week till school starts now, and I’m excited to be starting a new semester. I think I’m as prepared as I can be as far as school supplies. I plan on getting my textbooks from the campus bookstore tomorrow, and then my backpack will be ready to go!

Speaking of textbooks…

l like to buy my textbooks in advanced to avoid waiting in super long lines at the bookstore, but I know not everyone will be buying there books from a campus bookstore. Some of you may be buying them from an off campus bookstore, or buying them online. It’s always good to be prepared and have your books ahead of time, but keep in mind that you might never use your textbook in some of your classes. The professor will usually tell you on the first day of class whether or not they require the text book. If they don’t require it, send it back! Always make sure you know what the return policy is for wherever you buy your books from. You don’t want to end up with books that you have no use for, because they’re usually pretty expensive. To save some money, I would suggest renting your books or buying used. I usually rent or buy used!


It’s almost here!

I still get as excited as a 5 year old when it comes to a new school year. School starts next Monday for me, so this week will be my last week of summer break! I’m completely prepared as far as school supplies. I always use one binder with divider tabs in it to divide up my classes. In my opinion, it’s easier to stay organized when you use the same binder for every class. I definitely recommend it, but make sure you use divider tabs! Other than a binder, I basically just bought mechanical pencils and college ruled paper. I did just remember, however, that I still haven’t got my text books from the campus bookstore yet. I really need to do that this week. If you wait till after school starts, the lines in the bookstore are usually really long, and I hate standing in long lines! Don’t be a procrastinator lol – that’s one of my goals this semester.


New makeup :)

I always get overly excited every year to buy new school supplies, so I have already done all my school supplies shopping at this point. Haven’t done any school clothes shopping (and I don’t plan on it). I do love buying new make-up, though. & a new semester is a good excuse to buy some new make-up. I only bought a couple of new pieces, but I’m still excited! I’ve been wanting to try a new concealer that I’ve seen used a lot in YouTube tutorials and on Pinterest. If anyone cares, it’s called Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer. Super long name lol, but it’s a really popular concealer. If you wear make-up, concealer is a good piece of make-up to invest in while you’re in college. There will probably be a lot of nights where you don’t get much sleep, and concealer will help brighten up your eyes and cover your dark circles!


Uh ohh.

I just want to reinforce looking up your professors once again. There was a class that I needed to take this semester, I waited too long to make my school schedule, and I had to take the only class left with an open seat. Unfortunately, it didn’t have an instructor posted for the class yet so I wasn’t able to look her up on Rate My Professor ahead of time. I checked online today, and the name of my instructor was finally posted…but there are no reviews for her on Rate My Professor yet. Her name wasn’t even listed, so maybe she’s a new teacher? Either way, now I’m a little worried! This isn’t exactly a blow off class, and I really need an A. On the bright side, my other instructors have good reviews on Rate My Professor :)




Professor Ratings

One good piece of advice I can offer is to always check up on instructors before you enroll in their class. I recommend looking up instructor reviews. is the site I use. You can usually find out a lot about how your instructor runs their class just by reading these reviews. And, if you care, it even puts a chili pepper by their name if people have rated them as being really attractive. It’s also a really good idea, if possible, to ask around on campus and find out what teachers other students at your school recommend. That’s worked for me also! You can save yourself some trouble and make classes easier on yourself by researching professors ahead of time. If you end up with a sucky professor at some point (which usually does happen once or twice), just try to make the best out of it! Some professors can be really difficult, but just remember that you’ll only have to deal with them for a short time!


Don’t Be That Person.

The beginning of a new school year means a lot of parties. College parties can be a lot of fun, but you always see a few people that are having a little too much fun and end up making a fool out of themselves. Don’t be that person! Don’t start out the school year by getting yourself a bad reputation on campus, and these days it’s almost guaranteed that your picture will end up on social media if you happen to do anything stupid at one of these parties. I’ve seen several twitter pages dedicated to pictures of people passed out drunk at college parties!

* If there’s ever a party that’s going to interfere with doing your homework, studying, or making it to class on time the next morning… do not go. It’s not worth it.

Be responsible. Don’t start any bad habits, and don’t get yourself into any trouble. Definitely do not drink and drive! Just be smart about your decisions at these parties.  I’ve had a lot of fun at college parties over the years. It’s a good way to meet new people and have a good time, but it’s also a good way to embarrass yourself if you’re not careful!


Picture source: @UST_Passouts via twitter

Procrastination Problems

Classes begin for me in a little under 2 weeks. After two years of college, I have came to the conclusion that I’ve had a serious procrastination problem. I tend to put things off till the very last minute, instead of preparing in advanced. A procrastinator is one of the absolute worst things you can be while in college. Life in college is so much easier when you get things done on time, and getting things done ahead of time is 10x better!

My goal is to start my 3rd year of college as prepared as I possibly can be. I’ve basically learned everything not to do over the past two years, so I know all the destructive behaviors to avoid. My 1st tip- use a planner. I paid $20 for a really, really cute planner last year that I never even used. It was a total waste, but planners are actually really helpful when you actually use them. This year I bought a $2 planner (not as cute, but whatever), and a board to use as a planner also (pictured). I made a printable full month calendar to hang on one side of the board, and I’m using the dry-erase part of the board as a weekly planner. I can be forgetful, so I think it will help to have everything due for each week written on this board in my room so that I will see it often.

Bring your smaller planner to class with you so you can write down all your assignments, and then you can transfer them onto your board when you get home. My freshman year I probably would have thought it would make me look like a huge dork if I brought a planner to class with me, but it won’t. A lot  of people do it, and it’s almost always the people who are staying on top of assignments and getting things done on time!board