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Winter Wonderland Nails

So the dollar nail polish I bought for my Christmas nails ( were super cheap and they actually started chipping the day I painted them on, and it progressively got worse everyday until it got so bad, that I just had to erase them. Now, if you know a thing or two about nails, you know that nail polish is actually really bad for them, and too much will make your nails yellow. That is why I removed the polish off my nails with nail polish remover and I let my nails “breathe” for a day, before I coat on some heavy polish.

This next color I decided to do was on account of the winter season. I live in California so we don’t get snow but the weather has been unbearably cold. But since Christmas is over, and red and green nails are now tacky, I decided to go with this beautiful Cashmere Crème color from NYC ( In that picture the blue looks really dark though so here’s another shot of it which is actually a little bit more accurate: But that wasn’t enough for me (this is actually the first nail polish I bought this year and I’ve already worn it), so I wanted to add something to make it different. Remember my Christmas nails? Here’s a picture of the nail polishes I used to refresh your memory: I used the second one on the left to coat over the light baby blue color making it glimmer and shine more, giving it a more winter-y effect. And of course, I posted up my pictures for you all as well: I’ll be doing my nails again soon so be on the look out! Happy holidays!


Skyping with Nick

I got to Skype with a good friend of mine named Nick. I met him through the Disney College Program. We both took a class called Blended Learning together. He sat across the room from me but we actually talked and met during our class scavenger hunt all throughout Disneyland. We ended up tying for third place but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. He soon after added me on Facebook and then I started running into him a lot after work. We tried to keep in touch after we graduated from the program and we decided to skype!

It was so good to talk and to hang out with my old buddy, even if we were quite a long ways apart physically. He told me his really cool story of how the other class he was taking called Marketing You, got him his new job at Well’s Fargo. In the class, one of the assignments was to make a professional resume and as an option, the professor told everyone to send it out to potential employers. One of the places Nick emailed it off to was Well’s Fargo and sure enough he got a job as a bank teller. He likes it because he makes more money than at his old job at Starbucks. We also talked about how it was working at Disneyland. I found out that all attractions people and custodial get paid the minimum which is $9.05, except custodial will get 50 more cents when they clean the bathrooms. I think Foods gets paid just a little bit more. And I’m pretty sure people in my old department, Entertainment, make the higher wages, but there’s even jobs that make even more than us. I’m dying to find out which ones they are. Anyways, like I said, I had a great time getting to catch up with him and talking about school and how we both want to do another Disney College Program. He is planning on coming down to California this summer so I hope I get to see him!

My Second and Third Post Recaps

So my second post on this blog ( here had to do with how to pack if you’re on a vacation, which I actually already did a follow up to about two months ago here:, so I won’t do a third one, until I actually go on another trip, which won’t be for a while, because I’m seriously broke. The next time I MIGHT be taking a plane or maybe even a bus will not be probably until March or October, when there are Walt Disney World Auditions in San Francisco.

My third post after that was titled Meeting the Disneyland Ambassadors: Since then, Disneyland has chosen two new ambassadors, both of them are women and they both worked in my department! I actually briefly met one of them! Anyways, it’s still my dream to become an Ambassador and it would be a dream come true if I could be the next one. The Ambassadors serve for two years, if my memory is serving me correctly right now, so the next ones won’t be picked until fall of 2014. I have some time to take the course that Disneyland offers and then make sure that I don’t have any late points and then apply for it. I want it so badly! I have time because I’m only 21. My old roommate is 27 now and she wants it pretty badly too! But I feel like if she’s that much older than me and is still trying, I can too and I have much more time than her!

My High School Achievements That Got Me Into College

While many, if not all, of my friends would ever dare to go back to high school, I look back at those four years of my life proudly and would love to do it all over again. I was an extremely involved student that loved to be out and about. I loved learning, my family, my friends, and all of clubs I was involved in. I had a passion for volunteering and giving back my time and effort to the community.

I graduated from my high school in spring 2010 with high honors. I was also an AP student and received the National AP Scholar Award my last two years in high school. I graduated with a Bronze Outstanding Scholar medal and wore it at graduation. I had the lucky opportunity to be a part of the ROP Hospitality Program at the Disneyland Resort. The Regional Occupational Program was a class offered at my high school, where we attended class on Disney property and was given a hands-on experience in the business. Outside of my high school, I took courses and attended the local community college to get a head start on my college career.

Outside of my academics and time studying, I was mostly found busy in club meetings or events. I dedicated all four years of service to American Red Cross and Future Business Leaders of America. My freshmen year, I was awarded with the Most Dedicated award in the American Red Cross club. I was chosen to represent my high school at the Red Cross Leadership Development Camp. Last but not least, my senior year I was chosen to be the Chapter Liaison and updated my high school’s club with the events of the Orange County Red Cross Chapter. In FBLA, I was the community service chair and in charge of finding service events for club members. I attended four section conference competitions, three state, and one national. I won Fourth Place in Parliamentary Procedures, Third and Second other years, Fourth in Future Business Leader, and Second in FBLA Principles and Procedures. I received the Business Achievement Award, also known as the BA Squared Award, on the State (Leaders) and National (America) level.

Key Club was one of my favorite clubs. I had close to 350 hours of community service logged through the club. I was the Vice President and the Divisional Assistant/Committee Chair of Division 30 North. I attended the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Convention in 2009and 2010. My last year, I performed in the Talent Show and sang in front of thousands of fellow Key Clubbers. I won first place in the Prepared Oratory Contest at the convention and received a $1,000 Scholarship from the Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis Foundation. That same fateful night, I was invited to the stage for the third time and was recognized as an Outstanding Vice President and was given another medal to wear at graduation.

Two more clubs that I was passionate about was Support Our Soldiers club, of which I was the webmaster for two years and secretary for the last year. I was also the communications manager in Amnesty International, in which I was active for two years. I also spent two years in Chinese Club, the second year in which I was the secretary. In the California Scholarship Federation, I was a volunteer assistant. Another club that I truly enjoyed, in which I volunteered in an Alzheimer’s nursing home every Saturday morning, was the Alzheimer’s Association. I was a Contact Executive for one year.

My freshmen year, I was a member of Future Farmers of America. I received my FFA Greenhand Degree and participated in the school and Sectional Creed Contest, Sectional Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest, and won Fourth Place in the Best Informed Greenhand Contest. I entered the Ag Field Day Science Fair at Cal Poly/Mt. Sac and placed Third in Biochemistry/Microbiology/Food Science.

One of my favorite hobbies in high school that I wish I could have taken classes for was dance. I performed hip hop pieces with the PCN Filipino Club and a lyrical goddess dance with the Drama department in the Homecoming Assembly. Instead of dance classes, I was in the cross-country and track teams all four years in high school. When I was not in practice or working out, I was helping out with our team’s fundraisers and car washes.

At my local library, I contributed over a thousand hours of community service. I was selected to be a Children’s Reference Summer Intern three years in a row when I was in high school. I was a Young Adult Summer Intern, the first summer the position was opened. In addition, due to my past excellent record with my volunteering efforts at the library, I was elected and served two terms as President to the Teen Advisory Group, also known as TAG, during my last two years in high school. I wrote often on the library’s teen blog about music, movies, books, and more. In sixth grade, I was recognized as an Outstanding Volunteer by the city, only to be recognized again later as a senior of high school.

At church, I also served two terms as President and lead Bible Studies, worships, and Sunday school, after I was the General Secretary. I taught Kindergarten and second grade levels of Korean at church. My junior year of high school, I became the teacher’s aide to a fifth grade class at the Saturday Korean School at my high school.

I have and had a passion for all the arts. After all, I lived with my very own piano teacher, my loving mother, who raised me surrounded by the sounds of Debussy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Horowitz. I played piano under her instruction during high school and began learning violin my junior year of high school. I sang in junior high and performed at church.

I took every opportunity I could in high school happily and lived everyday as productively as possible. I tried to be the most positive role model to my peers and my community.


So I went clubbing for the second time in my whole life. It was the best thing ever because I got into the club for free. I actually wasn’t going to go but some of my friends wanted to pregame at our other friend’s birthday party, which I did go to and decided I would go with them after. It was a tropical themed birthday party so I decided to dress up as Lilo. I have a really pretty Hawaiian red dress that I got at Hollister that looks like this: I bought it with my boyfriend when they were doing this crazy clearance sale. It was super cheap compared to how much it should be so I just had to buy it. But I only wore it once when I went out to dinner with my boyfriend. So wearing it to this party was perfect. I wore my blue flip flops and also had a cute Stitch plushie doll that I carried with me everywhere. Everyone got alcohol and then we played charades, which was super fun, especially with like fifteen people. Everyone got so into it. Anyways, we left the party and walked to the club.

At the club, we got patted down and they looked through our bags. We took a group picture together in front of the club. There was smokers everywhere, which I actually really hated. My friends got some more drinks at the bar before the doors opened. The DJ was all right but I’m sure he was saving the really good songs for later in the night. I love to dance but I couldn’t really get into it. I wasn’t dressed for it nor was I really in the mood because my boyfriend and I were fighting again. I don’t want to talk about it but it distracted me from the whole night. Anyways, I had dancing with my friends and the night ended with me texting in bed and fighting with my boyfriend. Don’t worry we made up and overall it was all right and fun. My friends and I are definitely going again.

3:30AM Post

I give up. I went to bed at 11:30PM hoping to fall asleep but I couldn’t and ended up just staring into space for an hour before I decided to get up and browse the internet instead. Why are there so many interesting things on the Internet?!?! Gahh. It’s so good at eating up all my time. Anyways, I decided for future posts, I would go through my old posts and read through what I’ve been through and how much I’ve changed and see if my opinions have changed about some things. Thought it would be something fun to do 3:30 in the morning…because please…haha what else is there to do at this time? Here I go let’s start with post number one on this blog. You can read it here:

I still love to read. I’ve read some really good books this year and I also made a few friendship bracelets at my study program if you have been following my past posts. I most definitely still love all foods. I’ve been trying to eat better these days and make my appetite smaller so I can be more fit and healthy. Haha, yup my nails are red and green right now my two favorite colors! I’m thinking of doing my nails again real soon, maybe within the next few days. But I think the next color I might do is blue…We shall see…I do have a very pretty plum color that I have never used yet! I still don’t like candy but I have been loving chocolate cashews…You should definitely go get some now. Haha, they’re pretty good. Friends? Yup. I’m watching the TV show now actually in my laptop. It’s playing as I write this…Some things just don’t change…Oh wow. I’ve forgotten about some of these movies…I really want to watch Princess Diaries right now and read through all of the books so badly…Summer please come sooner! I haven’t been listening to that much music because it seems like there isn’t too much good stuff out there…But I’m obsessed with this video that I attached to this post and all of the songs that she recommends! HAHA!

Work on Christmas?!

Yup. You read the title correctly. So my job at my college right now is making me fill out these evaluations for all of my co-workers. Well, actually not all of them. Just the ones that I directly work with on my team. There are 14 of us total, so not including me, I have to write one for thirteen other people. However, I do have to fill out a self-evaluation form. So, in total, I will have 14 different documents talking about how we all worked this past fall quarter. These are the directions I was given by my boss: “Please take your time with these and give genuine feedback. When you’ve completed all of the evaluations, email them to your supervisor. They are due no later than 12pm (noon) on Monday, January 7th.  I will schedule 1-on-1s with you next quarter where we’ll go over the evaluations together and give you my own feedback on your job performance thus far. We’ll also discuss ways you can work to improve and become the best leaders you can be!” I am REALLY NOT looking forward to that meeting. I don’t think I did a bad job this past quarter, but I know there are alot of things I can most definitely improve on. I’m hoping this next quarter, I will be a “shining star,” which is the monthly title that you get if you do a really good job. Plus, at the end of the year, there is a huge banquet for all of the Dorming/Housing communities at my college, and these big awards are given out, which I really want to win. Anyways, gotta go start these tedious evaluations now…So I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! See you tomorrow!


Since being in college is so stressful and I barely have time for my friends, I got to catch up with someone that I went to elementary school with AND junior high. We went to different high schools but ended up going to the same college but it’s still really hard to make time for each other. He’s on a dance team and I’m always working so we don’t get to always talk either. Anyways, we’ve been wanting to hang out forever and we finally got dinner together!

We were both starving so we decided to go to a buffet. Souplantation is all right for the price. And the food seems pretty healthy. There isn’t much meat if that is what you love. It’s literally more of a salad and soup kind of place. There is also a little bit of pasta and some breads as well. I love their chicken noodle soup, mac and cheese, and their baked potatoes. It was so nice to finally catch up with him. We talked about life and how he wants to declare his major in electrical engineering. We also talked about the future of course and how things have changed. After being super full and feeling super fat, we walked around and went Christmas shopping at Target and Barnes and Nobles. Overall, it was a wonderful night and it felt so good to be out and about and catching up with a really old friend.

Delightful Diana

I had to incredibly pleasure of doing some last minute Christmas shopping with my old co-worker and good friend Diana today! I met her after work and we went to this special discount store for people that work for Disney only. I ended up buying a really cool uncommon Mickey Mouse shirt for my boyfriend, which I was not planning on doing. I wasn’t going to get anything for him actually, but I saw this shirt and thought it would be just so perfect! So I got it for him, being the nice girlfriend that I am. It is black (one of his favorite shirt colors) and it has a really cool vintage painting of Mickey on the bottom side corner of it. I love it and I hope my boyfriend likes it too because it’s very subtly Disney, which I love! I’m a huge Disney fan, but to be honest, Disney clothes look tacky and childish. There’s a way to wear Disney without looking tacky and immature!!

Afterwards, we went to Cheesecake Factory and had a delicious dinner and of course cheesecake!! I had so much fun talking with Diana and we talked about work, our old managers, and what we want to do in the future! Diana actually funny enough wants to work as a General Manager for Cheesecake Factory! I was surprised. I told her to apply for this internship that I just applied for. We both really want special events! And it would just be so much fun working together…I really hope we both get it! I will be writing more updates on my application soon!

Sleep Patterns

College has officially ruined my sleeping patterns. Ugh. I have to get up early tomorrow because I’m going to another dance audition in less than five hours but it’s 4 in the morning and I’m still awake. I am pretty tired though. For all of you out there that are sleeping soundly right now, MAKE SURE TO KEEP UP THE YOUR SLEEPING HABITS IN COLLEGE. It will do you lots of good. You don’t want to be in this predicament. The way to make sure that you get your sleep is to not procrastinate, which is what we are all shamelessly good at doing. Just try extra hard so you won’t be having to stay up extra late the night before your deadline. Another thing is to avoid caffeine at all costs. I don’t know for you, but for me, once caffeine enters my body, I don’t sleep until six in the morning. Then the next night, I screw myself over because my body wants to fall asleep at six again. Like right now. I want to fall asleep but I’m not tired enough to. Next tip: makes sure to not be on your computer or your phone right before you want to go to bed because the light that those screens emit actually are proven to keep you up longer. So me blogging right now is NOT helping me go to bed. Anyways, I’m going to go lay down now and hopefully I’ll get a few hours of sleep before the audition tomorrow. Wish me luck!