6 Word Story

It is crazy, really. People create one sentence with a total six words to share something personal about themselves. These 6 word stories resonate to people all over the globe. What someone wrote about their personal experience is relatable to someone else and what they are going through. A combination of 6 words can mean so much to someone.

I used to write plenty of 6 word, sometimes 10, word stories while in high school. It was a good way to pass time in class or just let my emotions out. I am not sure really why I stopped.  I should probably reconsider writing them again. However, they are easier read than written. I enjoy reading them more than limiting myself to six words. Although they are incredibly short, thousands of people, like myself, find them to be “exactly what I am going through”. Today, I read this one:

“I’m doing the best I can.”

I urge you to read this and read this again and again. Everyone is going through something that we may not comprehend how hard it is for them. They have to deal with it the best they can. Even if it may not seem like they are doing much, it probably took them a lot of courage and energy to get how far they have gotten. Everyone struggles and we can never understand how difficult it is for them until we walk in their shoes. As future or current college students, I think it is really important for us to be open minded and considerate. Do not judge quickly. Instead, be supportive because everyone is fighting their own battles.

If you want to read more six word stories, check out this website:


Always remember, even when there seems everything is dark, there is a blue sky and a better day on it’s way for you.


(I can be a bit of a photographer sometimes)

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