College Courses (YAY)

Today was an exciting day for me. Not only did I shop and pack some more, but I also got to find out a little bit of my schedule for college. Today they announced our First Year Studies, a yearlong course that is incredibly important for freshmen Although it meets only twice a week, it is up to you to make biweekly appointments with the professor to meet up and work on the course some more. You will need to match your free time with their office hours before anyone else takes that open slot.

My First Year Studies (FYS) is Child/Adolescent Development. I am really excited about because it was one of my top four choices. The course is a psychology class that heavily focuses on how the mind of an infant develops all the way through its adolescent years. The class only takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays, I believe (which ruins my plan to try to adjust my schedule to having no classes on Friday). It’s okay though, I can try for Monday! Fingers crossed, staying positive. However, the only downside is that I do not get to choose my other courses until orientation which is at the end of the month. For now, I think I am just going to search for books that I might need for the course and hopefully get them for a decent price.

My advice for you, plan your schedules carefully. Make sure you pick the timeslots that you know you’ll be more focussed in. Also, you do not want to register too late, or else you will be stuck with courses you do not like or in the worst time slots (like early morning – unless you’re a morning person…

Here is my schedule so far:


I’d love to hear about yours or what courses you will be taking. What are you most excited about? Feel free to share in a reply below.

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