Leaving these Paper Towns

“It’s so hard to leave- until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world…Leaving feels too good, once you leave.” – John Green, Paper Towns

I have recently finished reading Paper Towns, a short novel written by John Green. Even though the characters are incredibly similar to Green’s characters in his other books, it was still a good quick read in my opinion. A part of the novel that really stuck to me was when Margo, a senior in high school who runs away from home, says “It’s so hard to leave-until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world…Leaving feels too good, once you leave.”

It’s only early August and the majority of my friends have already left the country for university. The different time zones are a struggle, but we still manage to chat every now and then. From what they each have told me, they all have one thing in common – they, like Margo, are enjoying their lives in their new surroundings.

With everyone moving abroad, it has gotten me thinking about what will happen when I must go. I think the hardest part about leaving would be not knowing what to expect next. Some may argue that the uncertainty is a good thing. I, for one, see it as both. When you’re in a place too long, you will find yourself stuck in a routine. What is so exciting about a routine? And if you find yourself in your everyday routine right now, then you know it’s time to leave to someplace where you have to establish yourself all over again. Someplace where you do not know the culture of the people, or how much a can of soda costs, or even where to begin exploring. Someplace where you do not know if the people there will be friendly, if you will find a job, or if you will like the music there. Someplace that if you had a rental car, you would need to use the lousy GPS system that will probably only end up getting you more lost than you were in the first place. This is the kind of uncertainty that I see as a good thing. However, not knowing what to expect can make you over think and nervous. The only solution I have for this is to talk to people and asking them questions. You can ask people that have visited that country about their experience. Searching online about what other people thought about it and questioning the locals there about the country helps too!

Even though I will be leaving a lot behind here in a couple of weeks, I believe that only good things lie ahead. I hope when/if you plan on leaving your paper town, that you will have an adventure of a lifetime!

Nora N.Calendar August

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