Hello everyone! I now have less than 40 hours in my beloved country before I head for the States and my eldest brother decided to take me out for lunch. During our lunch, I happened to mention to him that I have finally decided that I want to concentrate in Psychology. Previously, I was either undecided or constantly changing my mind. However, there is something about this major that I think I will not want to change for at least a while.

Even though not many people see it as a useful or profitable major, my brother was supportive and thought it was a great idea. It really is nice for someone to have your back. :-)

However, this had me thinking. I am so fortunate to be able to pick my major. Many of my friends here do not get to decide what to study yet alone where to study. All of this is decide under their parents. This is something we should be grateful for – having the liberty to choose.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is majoring in something what some would call “unusual”. If you are thinking about majoringĀ inĀ something that everyone else agrees is “not the right major for you” or “there is no future” with, you should try to prove them wrong. If you love your major, you shouldn’t have to change it to appeal to others. Do what you love. Study what you love. It’s your degree and it’s your future, not theirs. There is nothing wrong with wanting what you want or chasing your happiness. I think it is better to spend 4+ years studying something you enjoy rather than spending that time miserably studying something you hate.

Share your passion(s) with me, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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