More goodbyes and packing

My title for today’s post pretty much gives away how my day went – it was filled with more goodbyes and packing. This morning I spent over three hours packing everything that I think I will need for college. Even though I am afraid that I may have overpacked, I am also worried that I might have under-packed. That’s the problem when you are coming from overseas… You never quite know how much is enough. :-)

After I went through every single drawer, cabinet, closet, shelf, and storage box that had any of my belongings, I had to pick and choose what I saw as necessary to bring, what is donatable, or what is simply just trash. I also discovered that I am quite the hoarder. In the many piles of things I created, I found memories from the 2008! Sixth grade feels like yesterday… After those tiresome and dreadful hours were over, I somehow managed to pack practically everything I need except a few essentials that I will still be using until departure day.

Empty drawers
All packed and ready to go

Earlier this evening I met up with some good friends to have one last hangout together. One of them is going to a university in Pennsylvania and the other two are studying in the country. We had plenty of laughs and a wonderful time, until it was time to say goodbye. I must say goodbyes are probably one of the worst things in the world. After having to part ways with to two of our friends, it was just me and my best friend roaming the mall. Having to say goodbye to her, one of my best friends, was even harder – especially because we do not know when we will see each other again. Long-distance friendship will have to do.

My tip for you today is: if you are the emotional or sensitive type, I recommend a box of tissues and to not wear makeup when it is time for you to say goodbye to someone important to you.

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