Apartment living vs living in a dorm

I know I’ve talked about this a lot prior to moving in but now that I’ve been living in an apartment at school and not a dorm, I can tell you firsthand how much more awesome it is. I wasn’t a huge hater to the dorms that just absolutely couldn’t stand it like some people but it was a pain. The small, gross rooms with all the security sucked but I also liked how you didn’t have to worry about cleaning the bathrooms or restocking toilet paper and mostly never worrying about cooking. The dining hall had pretty much anything you could imagine and you just had to wipe your card with your id on it to get it. Despite that, I don’t miss much about the dorms… At all. Well I mean the obvious closeness to class but I don’t mind walking so that’s not a big deal to me. I love living with other people so you’re pretty much never alone. Sometimes last year I got left out of the mix accidentally and would have to catch up with them later because I missed the initial call. It wasn’t a big deal but now either the pregame is here or I leave with my roommates. I love having an open area outside of my room where we can all hang out. In the dorms it’s like a bed room, living room, kitchen, etc. all jammed into one little box… That you share with someone else. It’s like you’re eating dinner over your laptop or having people over sitting and drinking where you sleep- not too ideal. I also love how you don’t have to walk down a gross, dark hall and pass strangers every time you go to the bathroom or take a shower. You’re in the comfort of your own home and see only the people you want. We also get to have people over so were not traveling elsewhere every single nice. This can be bittersweet, though, because we’ve been paying a lot more for alcohol and everyone eats our food. It’s a give or take. However, overall I definitely like being in an apartment better. It’s like I don’t “belong” to the university anymore. I felt like I was behind Penn State bars in my dorm rooms. But now… I’m in my own home. I feel a lot cooler saying I’m in an apartment as well. And lastly, this year since we all having apartments we have multiples places to go which is sooo nice. We spend so much more time together and I love it. Well I better get going and start preparing for thirsty Thursday tonight! Cheers!


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