back on my game…tomorrow

I’m sucky and I know it. Alright, alright… I was going to make a conscious effort to try to blog every single day telling all the wild and crazy stories of syllabus week but that’s just the problem- we’d party all day and recover all night. I will tell you that I did have an awesome week full of extremely interesting stuff that I will fill you in on. This week is gonna be pretty boring so I can just tell those stories in place of them. Also, I just had my first YOP class so I can explain that later on, too. Syllabus week is a straight shit show so I’m not gonna be flaky any more do not worry. I have so much work to make up from this week, too, so I need to get on that now aka why I’m not posting anything big now SOOO check back tomorrow!! Also, congrats on surviving syllabus week!


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