Barstool Blackout Tour

I’ve been looking forward to Barstool for sooo long and the night finally came on Tuesday. If you aren’t aware of what Barstool is, check out this video of the tour at Boston:

Looks crazy, right? Yeah…so we thought.

We took molly which is a less intense version of ecstasy. I’ve done it before for Alesso and I KNEW how awesome it was. It is honestly the most amazing feeling. I’m not trying to be an advocate for drugs but I really think everyone should experiment with molly once in their life. Ecstasy can be cut with other drugs so it’s kind of scary so molly is a lot safer. You are so much more aware on molly than if you drink. You basically just feel amazing and love everything about life and everyone around you.

Anyways, it was me and 4 other of my girl friends that did it and then we went over to another girl’s apartment where a bunch of other people were that were pregaming for it. The roll (what they call the experience you have when you’re on molly) hit me a lot faster than I expected and came all at once so I kind of had a panic attack. It was not the right environment for me.. I think talking to drunk people on a different level from me freaked me out. I went to the bathroom with Lauren but she was definitely the wrong person to talk to because we freaked each other out. I was feeling dizzy and nauseous so I was bugginnnnn out. Amy saw that I was freakin and took me into the other room and just talked to me about other things to get my mind off of it and then I went from freaking out to feeling good. Everyone else came back into the room and we just had a huge love fest saying how much we love each other and how happy we are that we met each other. It was great. After a little while we finally got everyone out to go. The tour was at Levels which is a night club downtown here in State College. I’ve never been in it before so I didn’t know what to expect. We were waiting in line and I was still rolling hard, loving life.

We finally got in and my happiness instantly was halted. The venue was SO small and everyone was packed on this small floor. It was basically a frat basement, but worse. It was a million nasty sweaty people just wanting to grab and grind with you. I don’t like grinding at all…especially with random guys that are disgusting. Amy and a few of the boys left right away but Brittany and I stayed with this guy Dan for a little because Lauren and Jamie who are 21 were up in the bar and were having fun so we thought we’d feel it out for a little bit longer. It was alright but definitely not worth staying. We went down to the bottom level where no one was and were just dancing by ourselves which I thought was so fun …that’s what I wanted. It got to that point where we just needed to leave though.

I was still rolling because I did more in the bathroom so I definitely needed to do something else after. We knew of a party at an apartment two floor above ours so we headed there but the security guards came after about an hour and was SO mean and literally screamed at us saying there were 5 noise complaints. Like chill this is the first time you came how were we supposed to know? So we all left and like 5 minutes later the guys texted us and said to come back. We did and literally 2 minutes later the same guy came back and said he said he saw us come back in on the security video. LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You were spying on us?! We live here let us live our lives you freaking Nazis. I like could notttt and still cannot fathom that happened. Why are you dictating what we do?? I was so pissed and the guy was so freaking mean. We just went back to our apartment and I smoked a lottt so I could maybe go to sleep since a lot of time molly keeps you up all night.

I was pretty disappointed in the night. It had so much potential and the molly was sooo good I wish I could have put it to better use. Thinking back on the night and the series of events I could say it was fun I guess but it was definitely mediocre. There’s just no way in the world I’m ever going back to that club ever again.


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