Blackout city

This is going to be a shorter post because I honestly know so little from last night. So we decided to have a pregame/party at our house. So we had full intention of going to an actual party after. We pregamed alone first and were ripping shots like effing crazy. The music was blasting and we were dancing and just drinking. We killed the bottle of Skyy disgustingly fast and then whipped out the ever so classy Burnett’s. After a shot of that, everyone showed up and since it was a pregame it was even more shots. We ran out of chaser so I started taking shots no chaser like who am I?!!!! This is definitely the cause of my black out because I remember playing slap cup right after that and talking to a couple people and then completely blank. I woke up with all my clothes on from the night on at like 6am. I was literally so confused, had zero idea how I got there. I looked over and my friend was the same on Jessica’s bed (she went home for the weekend). So I like giggled to myself and changed and went back to bed. And woke up at 1030. From when I have texts from, I figured out I probably passed out around 12:30. Like that’s so sad hahaha I didn’t even make it out!! Well only 2 of the 8 of did so I wasn’t the only one. And I slept 10 hours too that’s crazyyyyyy. Ugh I hate when I do that I want to remember so bad but I actually cannot. Oh well at least I didn’t drunk eat. 😉


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