career fair

Okay I know I’ve been REALLY slacking big time, I’ve been SO busy and blogging has completely slipped my mind. I have a lot to fill you guys in on but first and foremost I want to talk about the career fair that was on Thursday (before I get to the extreme partying and drunk stories…). This is actually pretty embarrassing but hopefully you can learn from how dumb I am. So I was preparing for this career fair all week. I was really dreading it, actually, but knew I had to go. There was the huge general career fair that is in our huge arena where we go to concerts and basketball games and whatnot but I was avoiding that because that’s extremely intimidating and I wasn’t ready for it. That was going on all week but my major (marketing) was having its own career fair on Thursday in the business building. I knew this was be good practice since I don’t want an internship until the summer SO this would be practice for the spring career fair. I had been editing my resume all week and finally polished it up the best I could and then I picked out my business professional outfit and was ready to go. Well…I thought. First of all I have like NO business professional clothes at all and it stresses me out because I don’t want to be forced to look like a man in the clothes that I have. Sooo I wasn’t that prepared in that aspect. I had to borrow my roommates shirt in fact. Then, I printed my resume but didn’t even have anything to put it in. I ended up using a folder but that looks so unprofessional. The career fair started at 12pm but I had class until 2:15 so I was already getting there super late (it ended at 4pm) and rushed to get my name tag printed out. I didn’t even have a professional looking tote so I had my book bag which looked awful. Clearly I suck. I saw Johnson & Johnson and I really wanted to talk to them but didn’t want them to be my first so I went to the one next to it- Ross. I thought it went pretty well but I wasn’t even interested in working there so it wasn’t a big deal to me. HOWEVER, the lady freaking TAKES my resume to hold on to and since I’m an idiot I only printed one. Now I was down to zero. I couldn’t go to any other places without a resume so I literally just went home. Like way to waste my time completely. I mean I guess I did learn some things but holy crap I was so upset. Luckily my mom rocks and calmed me down when I called her after but still, it was disappointing. I did go and buy a leather, professional looking folder thing to hold my resumes and now I know to print a million of them. I also need to go and buy a tote and lots of clothes so after seeing everyone there I learned how I could improve. I just wish I learned this last year maybe. Nothing I can do about it now and really I should just be happy I’m more on the way to knowing my stuff. You should have seen some of these people though! They know exactly what they’re doing and have all the bells and whistles. I looked like a lost (and poor) puppy compared to them. Live and learn I guess -___-



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