catching up with old friends

It had been a while since I hung out with my high school friends, well at least with a lot of them. It wasn’t all of the “main group” (one of them was at school already at field hockey preseason and the other was visiting her grandma) but it was most of us. We met at Starbucks – which is downtown for us- so we sat outside in the middle of town and it was nice to just be outside and catch up again. I know I talk up my friends from school and how much more fun they are blah blahhh but I really do enjoy the company of my high school friends too. All the memories we have shared and inside jokes, etc. can never be forgotten and there’s something special about the people you grew up with. Just talking about thinking and talking about our lives now was actually so fun. I’m glad we met up again one last time before the summer closed to remind me that I really do value their friendships. It’s important to live in the moment but you shouldn’t always shut out your past…it made you who you are today. I’ve been through A LOT with these girls and they know me better than most people. I can trust them and I rely on them. They are my roots and I know we will always be there for each other. I’m fortunate enough to have them and I almost forgot that for a little. Glad I got that little kick in the butt to show me how it really is. I feel extremely blessed.


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