confirmed: strep

So I went to the student health center on Halloween (sucks to be me right) and my symptoms weren’t too bad when I went in but the point of me going was to get medicine to beat the illness before it got bad.

First of all, I’m an idiot and I don’t think I pressed confirm when I scheduled my appointment online so when I went to check in they had no spot for me. Sooo I had to wait around until someone was open and luckily it wasn’t too too long before a doc saw me. I didn’t have a temp or anything but he felt my glands were swallow and saw my throat was red. He like didn’t believe I had strep though and I TOLD him I’ve had strep before and I know the initial signs. He said it was probably just a viral infection which cannot be treated with antibiotics because it’s a virus and I’d just have to rest and drink fluids to get over it -__- He still took a culture / swab test, though, to make sure and I had to wait around 10 minutes for the rapid test to come out and then the official results would be emailed me the next day in case the rapid test wasn’t right. So I’m waiting and they call me back and say it’s negative for strep so I leave empty handed and am expected to just wait this out. The next day I get an email saying I was positive for group C strep, which is also what Emily found out that same day that she had too. The difference is Emily’s doctors gave her medicine and mine in the email was like “this usually heals on its own so you don’t really need antibiotics”… F THATTTTTT – I emailed him back and said I really wanted them so he set up my prescription. I went after class to get it and popped those babies in my mouth asap. I still wasn’t feeling up to par so I didn’t go out again last night :(

I woke up this morning and felt the same after yesterday … after getting 9 hours of sleep… so I don’t know about tonight. Ahhh this sux


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