As the weather gets nicer, it turns into daylonging season. It is the most beautiful time of the year. A daylong is held by a frat. They have their own designated days (some days have two different frats) and their fence off a space in their yard. It’s just a huge crowd of people outside drinking beer, listening to music, and having a good time. I don’t know how Greek Life works but somehow the cops aren’t allowed to come into the fenced area so you’re good if you’re inside. When we first got there, anyone with liquor in a cup had to go in the basement to hide from their social chair when they were making an appearance because you’re not supposed to have liquor at a daylong but when the social chair left it was free game. However, beer is usually the drink of choice you want when you’re drinking all day. Our day consisted of shot gunning, chugging, etc. and I had an absolute blast. There was so many people there that it was insane. The daylong was sponsored by some vodka company and they had cases on cases on cases. They just had a huge tub of ice with beer that they’d restock with their pyramid of natty light cases. All the other frats had their own piles of cases too around the sides against the fences so this place was absolutely stocked. Most daylongs have themes — this one was mardi gras. Since I’m a GDI (god damn independent/ greek deficient individual) I think I’d look a little absurd all decked out so I just wore the classic daylong shorts, cropped top, aviators, and converse. Now THAT is daylong attire. I mentioned shot gunning earlier but it is literally my favorite thing to do. It’s when you take a key or something and break open a hole at the bottom of an unopened beer, put your mouth on the hole and open the beer and chug. You really have no choice but to finish your beer in seconds, unless you’re a pussy and hold it horizontal to take a break. We were at the daylong for a couple hours until the cops came to do a “noise violation.” I mean, understandable, since it’s during the day and you can hear the music blasting downtown all the way from frat row but that’s just something the cops are trying to do to settle down the party. Like I said they can’t go into the daylong fence but they can come to the door and just ask for them to turn the music down or off. It was pretty beat when the music went off– it like killed the mood so at that point we just all finished the beer we had and do whatever any normal Penn State student would do after a daylong, go to Chipotle. I’m telling you nothing is better than that. I love daylonging more than anything else. Nothing like sipping (or chugging) beers in the sunshine. It’s a beautiful thing. You need to experience at least one in your life. Emphasis on the at least.

breakaway10 — glimpse of the daylong on Friday

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