Okay so I actually was done on Tuesday butttt I’m just getting around to this post now and actually this will be my last one of the year!!! (Don’t be too sad it’s only a couple of weeks 😉 ) As you know, as I’ve been obsessively complaining about, I had my business law final on Tuesday. I also had an issue where I had to come home last Thursday to get my teeth fixed and since I only had one exam final I figured I’d leave the distractions behind and just stay through till the day of my final and go back then. The final was at 6:50pm so it wasn’t a huge rush but I wanted to leave early enough to give myself some time to go over things and unwind from the long drive and just be alert and focused and ready- not drowned out from a drive. So I intended on leaving at 9am but ended up leaving at 10:15 (typical) but that still gave me PLENTY of takes 3 hours to get to school so I had a solid 5 hours back before the exam. I thought everything would be fine and dandy until I realized parking during the day wasn’t as free as I thought. I came down only for the day because I thought I could totally park for free but I found out there’s either meters, parking lots that cost money, or free parking but it’s only for 2 hours. I literally was doing loops around and around trying to find a place I could park until 9 after my exam- but I was coming up short. I was panicking and so stressed up but I ended up parking at a 2 hour free spot just to be there for now and then I’d go back to move it and hopefully have a plan of where I’d park. We also were doing secret Santa with all my friends and since I hadn’t been around I had no time to get a gift so I was frantically going to all these stores downtown that I passed on my way back from my car to my apartment. Absolutely nothing. I got back to my apartment and was very happy to see my roommates but I was also FAR too stressed out to enjoy time with them. I whipped my books out and began studying ASAP until my alarm went off to move my goddamn car. I figured I don’t want anymore anxiety than I have now so I just parked somewhere I could trust and close by…although it did cost money to park. But whatever…the exam was the thing I should be worried about. After I parked it I knew I HAD to find a gift now or never because we were doing it after my exam. I have never felt so much pressure and stress as I did during these couple hours I was trying to find a gift. I wanted something good but I also wanted to study but i ALSOOO knew I wouldn’t be able to study until I got the gift out of the way. So I got something decent, wish I could have done better but it was the best I could do in my situation. I had about 2 hours till exam time so this was when I went to cram mode. 30 minutes before I had to leave to first return my book I rented, I knew I had to let my brain rest. I shut my book and just laid there to calm it down and prep it for the test. Then I listened to music and relax me since that’s always been my approach to taking exams ever since freshman year so I did that and just went into it with the attitude- just do the best you can and then it’s over for good. I was so happy to be done. It was so hard and in fact a random guy in my class I never have spoken to stopped me like 10 minutes after I left the building to talk to me about how hard it was but I was just happy to be done. I actuallyyyy literally just got my grade back this second and I got an 87% so whatever. This semester has been so stressful and now all my hardwork has paid off pretty much. Blaw was hard and I did the best I could. SO I’m thankful and can’t wait to (hopefully) breeze through my last semesters of college and HAVE SOME FUCKING FUN!


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