done class for the semester

At precisely 2:15 this afternoon, I finished my last class for this semester! It’s always so weird in college when you go to the last class because you will never be in that same room with the same instructor and all the same people in the room with you ever again. You’ve been tortured there for 15 weeks and now it’s completely over. It’s a strange but awesome feeling.. I mean I guess it’s bittersweet because now it means it’s time to study for the final but it’s also good to know you don’t have to sit through that extremely boring class ever again. I really still don’t feel like it’s over- it hasn’t hit me. I’m actually currently typing this as I’m on a bus on my way home (see why in last post). It sucks because it’s messing with my head- usually when I go home it’s for break and I’m done but in reality I need to study for just one more exam. I hope it’s better at home than at school. Home = relaxation so motivation is at an all time low. BUT, with all my friends still going out this weekend, I’d be SO tempted to join them and not only not study but get shit faced wasted and not be able to study the day after. So, if I think about it, it’s probably better for me to be at home. Plus if I’m struggling I’m going to make my parents help me hehe. And I’m super excited to see my doggy most importantly!!!


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