DONE… &Tim Gunn

I meant to post this yesterday right after my exam finished but my brain was just too shot to remember to do it. So, I FINALLY finished up my hell week yesterday with my business law exam. I was super worried about it and knew I HAD to do well. At this point I just want my score back to complete the torturous promise and for it to be over but it always takes so long ;/ And I’m also still waiting on my exam score from my exam I took on Monday. Anyway, I was so happy yesterday when I turned it up BUTTT I now have a million and one things to do for my group projects. This semester is so much for me. I have quizzes or exams in every single class that I need to study for and then on top of that 3/5 of them have HUGE group projects so I constantly have work to do. And those classes that don’t have group projects have other individual projects too so it’s just like AHHH I need a break!!

On a more positive note, though, after my exam I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite people in the entire world speak…Tim Gunn!! He’s the super adorable consultant on Project Runway that always says “make it work!” My sister and I always used to watch that show together and it was really awesome to hear him speak in person. He’s not only adorable but really funny and has the most intricate vocabulary I’ve ever heard, which makes it even more pleasing, hearing him speak. It was definitely a great, uplifting experience after being so stressed out. He kept emphasizing just being who you are and owning it.

After Tim, it was about 9:30 and all my friends wanted to go out but I was mentally and physically checked out from my exam so I just stayed in and smoked by myself and watched a movie. It was exactly what I needed and I’m so glad I did that.


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