Easy tips for weight loss

I’ve done a post about this earlier in the year, I believe, but I just wanted to do a little updated version to help you all out in your weight loss efforts- I’ve developed some tricks since then as well!

1. Walk as much as you can! Yeah, it’s essential to get in your killer one hour of exercise but if you’re sitting around the rest of the day then that’s no good! You need to constantly be moving! There’s this little thing called NEAT which is non-exercise activities. Even something as simple as getting up to go to the bathroom or standing up and stretching every so often will make an impact. For me, since I’m really serious about weight loss, I make sure that I’m not sitting in one spot for more than 30 minutes and also I make sure I make this 15 minute walk up a huge hill on campus 3 times a day. I do once for classes by default but then I find other times to make the trek as well.

2. Make SMART indulgences. I swear this is the key to keeping me sane on my diet. You can enjoy the foods you love but you just need to have the healthy version of them. There are numerous things that taste just like your favorite dessert but at half the calories. I do have a really hard time limiting my portions with that, though, so I stick with Next Organics Dark Chocolate- Chocolate covered cherries or bananas. It’s organic and dark chocolate has great benefits for you…I need that little bit of chocolate and it’s the perfect amount to keep me on the right track. I have one little cherry after every meal and still have been losing weight!

3. Drink green tea daily. It’s a great fat burner and keep you full- DO IT!

4. Take a fish oil supplement. It’s also a great fat burner and is really good for you.

5. Exercise smarter! Make sure you’re pushing it every time you hit the gym! You don’t want to waste your time doing a half ass workout and not burning enough calories. Make sure you’re also lifting weights in addition to cardio to strength train. When you are lifting weights, try to incorporate upper and lower body movements so you can burn calories and fat while you’re doing it.

6. Sign up for a newsletter from health magazines.. It’s where I learned almost (in addition to Jillian Michael’s book) everything I know! Plus, it’s a constant reminder to stay on track!!

7. Go organic. This is a huge commitment but it’s worth it. If you don’t want to go all out you can at least do fruits because they have so many pesticides on them!

Try to apply these little tips in your life and you’ll see results, promise!


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