exam scores

I took 2 exams last week which I completely freaked out about to you guys. I had my advertising and promotions exam Monday and my Business Law exam on Thursday. My slow as shit professor for a&p STILL has not given us our scores back BUT last night I received my BLaw score and….I got a 93!! I got a text from my friend in the class saying the scores were up and what he got. I went to check and mine still wasn’t entered yet so I was just sitting there, panicking, refreshing the page over and over. I was so so happy, jumping up and down. If you recall, I had this exam the day after my roommate turned 21 so I had to take a huge chunk of my studying time out to go to her pregame. I’m so happy in the end I did well, though. I only have one more exam in that class and I’m DONE! I hope I can do as well on the final as I did on the second one. The first exam I got an 80 so even though a 93 is really good, my first score really brings down the average. I don’t want to think negative like that, though, because I’m still thrilled and it’s better for me to get this 93 than get an 80 or something around there where my average wouldn’t get yanked up as much as it did.I worked really hard and tried really hard to do well so it really shows hard work pays off. I literally spent the entire day before the exam (aka through my 2 classes before) studying my butt off and looking at not only the notes but the cases in the book and online. I know that probably doesn’t mean shit to you since you don’t know the course or the professor so I’ll just stop now but my point is- use your resources! Get deep in to studying. If you can do more, do it! It’ll pay off in the end.


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