F*cked up Fridays (9/14)

Is it sad that I had to think reallly hard and for a long time to figure out what I did Friday? Alcohol is killin my brain cells I suppose! Anyway, now that I finally remember what I did Imma share it..

Friday we decided to venture out to a new pregame location. Our friend Amanda is like a friend of the group but isn’t necessarily in the group, if that makes sense. So she’s like not in our main group text and wouldn’t hang out with us like during the week but we always see her out and are friends with her. SO we went to her apartment to pregame. It was amazing how clean and neat and BIG everything was. She also lives on the 10th floor and has a balcony so she has a SICK view. We basically just took shots and then proceeded to the party. It was just the average but Emma and I decided we were gonna make it fun so we (don’t roll your eyes when I said it) couch danced the night away. I was also like extreme dancing with my one friend (in the direct group) Gabriella. She is always going crazy and dancing insane so dancing with her is so fun. I was literally being a maniac, holding on by holding on to the ceiling since I could barely balance on the ends of the couch with my heeled boots – there was literally ceiling dust in my hair in the morning. So as you could see I was having a great time. While I’m up there, I can survey the whole party and in doing so I was able to see Sean talking to my one friend Lauren. It was really not a big deal..it was a little close but Jessica, the psycho, of course fueled my fire and made it seem like it was so bad and that Lauren always does this to me (she hooked up with John in front of me when I liked him- she didn’t know I liked him though since I’m so secretive). I was drunk so I got all emotional and thought it was a huge deal after walking home with Jessica talking about it but in reality, Sean and Lauren are just good friends and probably were just talking. Plus, I don’t have any claim over him so why does it even matter. It was a good night but ended shitty because of drunk emotions but it really didn’t need to. Also, due to Jessica’s peer pressure to drunk eat with her in combination with my emotions, I ate the world when I got home. This has been my number one goal- not to drunk eat and I failed miserably on Thursday and Friday. I’m trying so hard to break this habit but it’s way easier said than done. I did it on Saturday and felt so good about myself – and I ALWAYS feel better when I don’t drunk eat so I don’t get why I do it to myself. It’s definitely a psychological problem that I need to figure out but I’m trying hard. All my hard work from the week gets completely erased by just 1 night. That is not okay. It’s actually so gross. Gotta figure my ish out ASAP.


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