Fearing weight gain

Okay so I do have great news… I’m now at a pound lower weight than I was coming back to school (4 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight). I was sooooo ecstatic this morning and it goes to show that seeing results is my ultimate happiness, way more happy than eating any kind or amount of food. However, despite all this good news, I’m very nervous for tonight. This is the first time I drank since two Saturdays ago since I went home last weekend. I’m very worried about drunk eating since I haven’t in so long but in addition to that I’m afraid of gaining weight just from alcohol empty calories. I don’t want to waste my life away hiding from fun to lose weight but I’m just sooooo close to my goal I would be devastated with a set back. My plan is to not drink that much so I both wont consume a lot of alcohol calories but also will be in control so I won’t drunk eat. I also am going to try to dance and move around a lot to burn some calories while I’m out I’ve been thinking about this all week so I hope I can control myself. I work so hard to lose weight it’d be a shame if I blew it all in one night (or weekend). It’s way too easy to gain weight and way too hard to lose. So unfair. Pray for me tonight people!!!!!


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