Fifth and a friend

Fifth and a friend is another “approach” to getting completely wasted. It’s pretty straightforward and exactly how the name reads- two people share a fifth and try to finish it. There’s about 17 shots in a fifth so it’s not that bad, especially if you have a guy partner, but the way it’s approached gets you really fucked up. It’s like a race for who can finish first.

We were playing last night with Jamie’s friends from home who we didn’t know so it was kind of confusing how the night would turn out. We got there and after all the hype just ended up taking shots like normal – not fifth and a friend. I got fucked up but still what was the point of making the game such a big deal and not even executing it!! Oh well it was probably for the better. It was awkward there because we knew no one and it wasn’t exactly the best setting to mingle. Sooo we went to Lauren’s friends for a bit and took more shots but this girls apartment was so small it was too packed for us. We literally went all over town last night and this is when we literally went across town to an apartment where we knew of like 3 possible parties. The one was Emma’s friend from one of her organizations she’s involved in. She warned us he was weird but had a lot of alcohol. I don’t care what they’re like if they have alcohol and are willing to share then I like the idea of it and ill definitely go. They had gin buckets which literally tastes like lemonade and they were squirting them into our mouths with a turkey Baster hahah. It was okay for a little but the guys were weird and were loving us and their weird girl friends did not like that. So we left and went across town AGAIN back to basically where we were before and went to see the boys. They were all just hanging out doing nothing and it was awkward and boring so we left after a little. Well the main reason we left was because Jamie and her ex boyfriend, Carl, who lives there are on such weird terms and Lauren thought it was time to go because Carl was being weird. They broke up a couple weeks ago because Carl thought he wasn’t treating her right. It’s so weird because its so obvious he loves her. Like anytime were out he’s so weird because he tries not to be affectionate towards her but he can’t help it. Or he’s always talking about her to me and my friends. It’s a weird situation and I don’t understand it but I’m sure there’s more to it than I know. Anyway, we left here and came back to my apartment. I took two hits of weed and just went to bed but apparently people came over and were hanging out. I was glad to just pass out though so I wasn’t mad about it. And plus… I didn’t drunk eat! Woo!


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