Finally a little accomplishment

So I have been sucking at school as you all know. I’ve been trying but probably not as hard as I could. I’m like mentally checked out and don’t have as much motivation and drive as I did earlier in my college years. Still, though, I HAVE been studying and working hard so it’s frustrating when I don’t do that well. It’s like I wasted my time. However, thankfully, I finally got a good score on an exam. My advertising and promotions class had an exam last Wednesday and on Monday I saw I got a 92. Usually I wouldn’t even be that happy with that score but considering my other scores this semester, I was thrilled. Plus, I beat the average by 14 points so that was pretty cool. I’m hoping this gives me the confidence to move forward and excel in my academics. The first exams are always the hardest because you’re getting a feel for how your professor tests you. I prayyyy I can learn from the first exam and do better next time. I’m here for school and I’m very obsessed with getting good grades so I’m definitely not content with myself right now. I just gotta keep pushing.


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