Finals tips

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past couple of days. I took a hiatus due to finals. However, now I am DONE!!!!!!!! I do have some stories but for now I thought I’d just give you some tips on surviving finals. I wasn’t planning on going out Saturday night to study but I got peer pressured and ended up going so I was under a LOT of pressure. I had 2 finals- 2 on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. My finals on Tuesday were at 8am for supply chain management and 2:30 for marketing. My final on Wednesday was at 2:15. SO, if you’re smart and not peer pressured like me I would definitely plan ahead and start studying A LOT sooner. These tips, though, are gonna be for the procrastinators.

When I woke up Sunday and realized how f*cked I was, I had to make a plan to be successful. I concluded that on Sunday I would write down all my notes for marketing (which takes FOREVER, there is SO much material). When I write down the material, I pay attention to what I’m writing and don’t just blankly copy it down. That way, I learn a little just by writing down the notes. It took me the ENTIRE day Sunday to write the notes, I think I was in the study room for legit 12 hours. Then, on Monday I wrote down all my notes for supply chain and solely studied that. From writing down the notes, I did learn a lot and when I actually paid attention in class I recalled a lot of info. It really is better in the long run if you pay attention. I mean you’re already there so why not shave some time off your studying and make it easier for yourself to learn prior to the exam. Easier said than done, I know. I did my method of highlighting things I didn’t know or needed to look over again. After highlighting, I rewrite those things down on another sheet of paper so I can learn it more from writing it again andddd I repeat the process over and over until there’s only a couple things left. Things that are hard for you to recall you should repeat over and over in your head like a phone number and write it down immediately when you get your exam. Always write crucial things on your exam so you won’t forget when you get to a question on it. After my exam at 8am, I had until 2:30 to know my sh*t for marketing. I was pressed for time but I utilized the same method and surprisingly knew a lot already from class and writing down the notes. Also, when I was taking the exam I asked the teacher questions of things I was unsure of. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! Half the time the teachers will practically give you the answer. I asked 2 and he basically did. You just need to phrase the question so it doesn’t sound like you’re just trying to get the answer out of them. I almost didn’t ask this one question and left my answer but I asked and he basically told me the answer- which was not the one I had put down so that saved me one!! After marketing, I had to study for finance. I didn’t even look at it until then so I was nervous. I kind of f*cked around a little after my marketing exam because I was so happy I was finished with it, which I shouldn’t have, I should have started studying right away. However, I went back to the study room and wrote down all the notes. I was in there until 1am and set my alarm to get up at 9am to start learning the material the same way I did for the others. Other tips I have are to not bring your phone when you study. I left it in my room because when I had it I kept texting, going on facebook, twitter, etc. and that took so much from my studying and focusing on the material. I got SO much more done without it. Also, I secluded myself from everyone and went to a small study room alone so I would have no distractions- just me and my notes. I did bring my iPod because sometimes that focuses me or calms me down when I freak out but if that distracts you then leave it at home too. Hope this helps if you’re a procrastinator ! GOOD LUCK!! “Study tonight, pass tomorrow, party all summer.” It’ll pay off!


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