First exam

Yesterday I had my first exam in marketing research. I was nowhere near ready to get back in to exams … I seriously felt like I just got back. It was hard to actually study because I wasn’t used to having to do that and my concentration was shot from the summer and probably all the alcohol from syllabus week haha. I just tried to stay calm and do what I did last year to study (I’ve blogged before my study tips if you want to check them out). The key is always to start as soon as possible so you can process all the information and not procrastinate and stress yourself out. I started last week, just writing out the notes but of course I’m not gonna look at it all weekend so Sunday and Monday I really had to crack down. The 4 hour yop class on Monday really cut in to my studying but by Monday night I really felt I knew the information. I did but I found my professor worded the questions difficult and added “none of the above” and “all of the above” to every question which is suuuuch a douche move. I always say the first exam is the worst because you’re unaware of the styling of your professor so hopefully I become accustomed to his formatting for the up incoming tests. Hopefully I didn’t do too poor on this exam though!


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