First roommate to turn 21

Nope, not me, but my roommate Amy is turning 21 tonight at midnight! We both are criminals and have racked up the underages so this is a beauteous day for her. I have an exam in my toughest class tomorrow so I’m gonna go and hang out but just not drink. It sucks but I got to be responsible. Ill have plenty of opportunities to drink but this test will make or break my grade. Our grade is based solely on our three exams and nothing else, with no curve so you HAVE to do well on each exam. Plus, the exams are comprised of only 30 questions so if you miss a few you’re fucked. Anyway, I’m just glad I’m not 21 yet so I’m not obliged to go out with her to the bars to keep celebrating. Also since Emma has mono we’ll be able to hang out. Ugh the life of the responsible …..


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