Friday night

Friday night everyone was really pumped to go out because two of my friends had an exam during the day so celebrations were definitely in order. We were also really excited because the senior rugby boys were having a pregame for us. I don’t know if Ive mentioned them before but we all are obsessed with pregaming with them because they buy us soooo much alcohol like bottles on bottles… And of nice alcohol too like three olives, soco, absolut which is a huge upgrade from our usual one or two handles of vlad or burnetts. They never make us pay, either, I think they just like doing it and being “men.” It’s funny because the junior boys in our grade get so salty when we pregame with them and they know they get us such better stuff too. Step your game up boys then! The guys apartment who we were at was Greg and Kevin and they had their usual friends over and we just got into taking shots and playing games, dancing. The pregame is always the most fun part of the night when we start with them and none of us ever want to leave. Greg got sooo drunk and for some reason because so obsessed with me and wouldn’t leave me alone. I like him a lot but am not into him like that so it was really awkward and I just wanted to get away from it. We went to the juniors apartment and, especially compared to the pregame, was so boring and disappointing. I’m getting so sick of these boys, they’re not fun anymore. I don’t know what it is I can only think they just got comfortable with us and know us at a level where we can just sit and talk and catch up but I don’t freaking wanna do that on weekend nights!!! I wanna party! I got so bored I just went home. I decided after that that I really want to branch out and change things up because I feel like I’m wasting my time with them. I don’t have fun and there’s no new people to meet obviously. Also, I’m not attracted to any of them so won’t hook up with them so I won’t be getting any guys by consistently hanging out with them either. It’s just a complete lose lose. Things NEED to change around here, I want to have fun again. I know Peter when he comes back to school and is living with me (he has an internship in DC for the semester and he’s moving in taking Ali’s spot in the apartment when she studies abroad in Spain) wants to branch out too so I’m super excited for next semester. I need someone to be on the same page as me and I know he definitely is. So I’m hopeful for next semester and kind of have given up on this one. :/


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