game day

We had our first game on Saturday here at Penn State and everyone was anticipating this day for one than just the first football game of the season but also with our new couch and the first time with all the changes that have been happening around here. The game was at noon so that meant that ya gotta wake up early as shit and start drinking ASAP. Brittany woke Jessica and I up at 8am and we got up and ready for our pregame party/tailgate in the apartment hehe. We decided to do kegs and eggs…we aren’t allowed to have kegs so it was just cases but whatevaaa same thing. Everyone came over and we had eggs and breakfast sandwiches and waffles all cooked for everyone- although food was definitely not the number one priority. People were beer bonging, shot gunning, chugging, and all that fun stuff. I was a little standoffish with drinking to the extreme because last time I was near Beaver Stadium, I got an underage and I knew cops were most strict at football games. However, I got over that fear quick and proceeded to take shots with a couple of my friends and then beer bong. We kept delaying going to the game because we were having so much fun drinking but one of my friends forced us to go. Only a handful of us actually had tickets so those of us that did began our trek to the stadium…We were halfway there and stopped in a building to go to the bathroom when me and one of my friends, Annie, looked at each other and were like naaa I do not wanna go at allll. SO we literally turned around and went home. We suck. I just did not feel like standing there in the stands and having to walk all the way back home. Annie and I got back and went to Chipotle with everyone still in my apartment that didn’t have tickets…and continued to drink. Sean was here and was WASTED like being so annoying I couldn’t even take him. I went to my room and accidentally took a nap for an hour and when I turned over I turned to people beer bonging in my room- so college. The drinking literally lasted up till night and we all even made it out that night. We went to the baseball house and the thing I hate about there is that they NEVER have alcohol. Like I don’t get how they can continuously suck each time but I always dread going there because of that. Also, I don’t know anyone so I can never have good conversation. My friend Emma and I were miserable and just wanted to leave so me, her and 2 of my friends just called it an early night and went home and ate guacamole. It was a long day so I didn’t really care. I was pretty turned off by Sean that day, though. I know it’s not fair to judge someone by them being drunk one time but he was SO annoying like shouting at the tv and kept calling my name and shit ughh. I’ve lightened up a little bit from seeing him be fine since then but still it made me less attracted to him…sorryboutit can’t help it!


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