Game day – Saturday (9/15)

Saturday was a 3:30 game against Navy so we got to sleep in (unlike last week where the game started at noon). We had a huge communication error between the group because at Amanda’s the night before, she told us that her friend that was visiting knows someone in one of the frats that was having a daylong before the game. Amy (my roommate- I can’t keep track of what I’ve changed these people’s names to) said we were supposed to go over to Amanda’s but when we got there everyone was like asleep and the other apartments didn’t know we were supposed to go there. They thought they were coming to our place first. THEN Amanda’s friend from home said that she heard the daylong was a bust and the sorority girls that are their “sister sorority” were being all territorial and bitchy so we decided not to go. SO that’s when we just decided to do what we did last week and have the “tailgate at our place.” It’s so fun going out on our balcony and yelling at everyone that was walking by. I actually had so much fun. Some old guy who was an alumni – literally like 70 – was cheering with us and asked for a beer so we threw him one from the balcony and made him chug it. It was hilarioussss. There was just a lot of dancing, beer bonging, shot gunning, the usual. What I like about my friends here is that they always just wanna do something. Like no one is sitting on the couches inside, either they’re outside yelling/cheering with people walking by, they’re dancing outside or on the table inside, or chugging their beer in some form (bong or shotgun). So I know I’m always gonna have a good time. It was time to go to the game and this time I actually made it. I ended up going to a really good game- the team played well and (not to talk so much about how awesome my friends are all the time but..) my friends now are like fun at games, dancing and cheering. Other years, with the boys they would cheer and all but I would feel uncomfortable to be crazy and let loose. Now, everyone is crazy with me so I don’t feel weird at all. I love it. However, as every game goes, there’s that dip in your drunkness and rise in your tiredness that gets to you. I really wanted to leave and we decided to stay till the half. Two of my friends stayed but the rest of us left and walking through the parking lot we passed by a tailgate and they offered us food and something to drink so we ended up randomly chillin with these old guys for a while. People at Penn State are seriously sooo nice I love it. Since the game was against Navy, there were sooooo many Navy guys walking around in their uniforms. They were walking by too and the men at the tailgate called them over and we talked to them for a while and got their numbers 😉 I didn’t think they were that cute though so I wasn’t too interested in it but it was cool that they were in the Naval Academy. We just went home after that and prepared for the night- my best friend Lauren was turning 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the first of us to turn 21 so we were all SO excited for her and couldn’t wait. This will need a whole new blog post so I’ll blog about it tomorrow but it was such a fun time. Our balcony tailgates are honestly the most fun things ever, though, I love it. :)))


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