getting more involved

I feel like I really need to apply myself more in order to have a better shot (or at least SOMETHING on my resume to talk about) when interviewing/at a career fair. I was fighting back and forth whether to join, but with a little push from my friend, I decided to join the Penn State Marketing Association (PSMA). We get SO many emails about a lot of events and clubs, etc. being in the business school and usually I delete them right away but I had been holding on to my PSMA emails all year long. I considered doing it freshman year but that fell through and last year I didn’t even consider it. I was strongly considering it this year until I had a conflict with the first meeting and saw in the email that there were $33 in dues (yeah, I’m cheap). So I was like alright not worth doing it. Then, last week, I got an email saying it was the last chance to sign up. I don’t know what about that email but I really really thought about it after that. I was thinking that I need to get more involved in the college of business and create contacts and further my experience. I NEED leadership roles and real life experience so it definitely has some benefits…I didn’t really know what to expect and how in depth it really was, though. A girl in my class so I actually used to be best friends in middle school (her name is Liz and she’s really cool and nice but we’re definitely on different levels- so like we get along but our friend groups now are more appropriate for our personalities. She’s awesome though I really like her…but to like hang out with sober and with school and career stuff if ya know what I mean) .. I knew she was in marketing and asked her about it and she said she did join and she’s actually a project leader in the advertising division of PSMA. I definitely am most interested in advertising in the aspects of marketing so I was even more convinced then and when she said I could be on her project team, too, I was basically sold. She said they do make you join AMA (American Marketing Association) which is another $47 dollars in dues -_- but that it’s worth it and great experience. The next class I have in a computer lab and I kind of impulsively signed up. I’m really happy I did, though. I feel a lot better about myself and actually joining something at PSU. It’s a great school for networking and I need to take advantage of that. Not even just because it’s PSU but I have so much potential, I just need to broaden my .horizons. I’m excited for the project, too- we’re working with a small company downtown and helping them advertise. I’m telling you it might sound lame at first but it makes you feel good being a part of something! I’m a part of an organization for THON, yeah, but I wanted to do more. Not only a resume booster but a self esteem booster too!


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