Getting my sh*t together

Living with my best friends and hanging out with my other best friends has been awesome. It’s like too good to be true. This is good for my social life but not so good for my academics. When there’s so many of us (especially since they’re usually at me apartment) it’s hard to say no and not hang out with everyone and miss out. I have been studying and doing my work but I really need to get organized and apply myself more. All my grades have been low B’s and I’m used to a’s. that sounds a little ridiculous but at least for some of my classes, the material is easy enough for me to do well. It’s the freaking professors and their styles. I need to figure them out aka go to office hours. I’m also going home this weekend to get organized. I do this at the beginning of every semester, it takes me foreverrrr to get out of summer mode and into grind time. Hopefully I can pick up my grades because ill be so upset if my gpa drops. Ugh


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