goin homeee early

So I just had a crisis last night- I have to go home to get my teeth fixed because my fake ones are messed up (F MY LIFE right?!). I literally had a panic attack when it happened. I was flossing and they started to come down with the floss. I’ve been trying not to touch them since but I feel like they are going to come off eventually now that they’re loose. I clearly need to go home asap because being partially toothless is a sight I don’t want anyone to witness. I couldn’t catch a bus home today but I had one for tomorrow at 5 and my appointment with the dentist is on Friday. I’m trying to avoid public situations in the mean time. I’m trying to stay positive and think this is a good thing because I won’t be distracted for my finals and will have peace and quiet at home. Also, Peter is visiting this weekend to drop off some stuff for next semester (and also obviously to party) and he is so distracting because all I want to do is hang out with him so it’s kind of a good thing that I’ll be at home instead…EVEN THOUGH I REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE HIM!!! I didn’t want to go out this weekend to focus on finals too so this is good that I can’t even possibly be pressured. I’m going to come back to school on Tuesday to take my business law final and then drive myself home right after it’s over. It’s kind of nice because I get more time at home around the holidays since Penn State somehow only gave us a 2 week winter break when we usually have 4 weeks? I don’t know but I’m just using this is a blessing that I have this excuse to go home aka I’m just trying to be as positive as I can. All my reports due on Monday are to be submitted online so I don’t have to worry about that and then I just have that one blaw exam I mentioned so it kind of works out. I hope I can study at home, though, so it’s ultimate relax mode. At least I’ll have no pressure like I said. AND (I keep repeating myself over and over in this haha) I am so happy I can be home more for the holidays. When I’m at school it doesn’t even feel like Christmas but I really get in the spirit in my home. Sooo pray for me that my teeth don’t fall out before I leave for home ughh


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