Going home

I’m currently writing to all you lovelies from the bus, about to depart to go home. I mentioned how I wanted to go home to get my shit together which is most definitely true. There’s a couple other parts to it as well though.

First, this is going to sound insane, but I want a break from drinking because I really need to refrain from it if I want to lose the weight I want to lose. Last weekend I didn’t drunk eat at all but who knows if ill have that much self control this weekend. Plus, I just gained a couple pounds (1 or 2 I believe) from the empty calories in the alcohol. That’s not a big deal compared to the 5+ pounds I gained when I would binge eat to the extreme when I was drunk. I’m so close and if I get to that sweet spot where I’m at my ideal weight ill have more leeway in case I have a slip up. Time is running out, college in general and in particular Halloween is coming up. In regards to college, it’s important to have a good body in college with all the tight, skimpy clothes you wear at night so I just need to suck it up and get to my ideal bod now. Or it’ll never happen. And then Halloween… Oh god. It’s a hugeeee deal to be looking good for Halloween. I can’t just wear a tight costume if I don’t feel good about myself. So yeah I won’t be drinking this weekend.

Another reason is obviously to see my family and dog and be in my house. I love my home in the fall. It’s very nostalgic and gives me a warm feeling. I’m really excited to have that feeling and I didn’t want to wait till Thanksgiving to go home because it’ll be way colder and not the same.

And lastly, I need a break from Jessica. She’s been driving me up a freakin wall and she wasn’t even here last weekend. She is always just bugging me asking me a million of stupid useless questions. I feel like she’s always breathing down my neck. I just need my alone time.

I’m really gonna miss my friends, though. They’ve become my family pretty much and I don’t want to miss out. This weekend to myself and my family is needed though and I know it’s what I should be doing.


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