I’m basically using this post as a venting session because I’m about to lose my shit. My roommate, Jessica, is driving me up a wall. I’ve explained how she’s crazy before but it seems to be getting worse. She’s either in a really good mood and annoying with all her energy or she’s in a bad mood (mostly the case recently) and she emits this negative energy and is always complaining and take it out on all of us. She not only sucks personality wise but as a roommate as a whole (like for all 4 of us- not just directly in the room), she always turns the tv on and then goes somewhere and doesn’t turn it off, she always uses the most plates, pots, pans, etc. and cleans the least. She literally never cleans at all actually. She just puts all her shit in the sink. The rest of us do some sort of cleaning..I usually load, start and empty the dishwasher but Amy and Brittany both clean up a lot and hold their own…Jessica sucks. She also uses my things without asking and doesn’t put them back where they were. Like she uses my scale and pulls it out from where it is and then just leaves it there. It just gets on my nerves because it’s like if you’re gonna use my things at least have the decency to return them to where I originally keep them. She also always uses my trash can which I don’t get because she has her own like 10 feet away. Mine always fills up so I’m constantly emptying it and she never does- she also never empties our main trash can in the kitchen either…or takes out the recyclables like each of the rest of us have. I think she thinks she like owns the room because she has her tv and her fridge and whatnot in here but she told me she’d bring them when we were discussing bringing stuff so I easily could have brought my tv she just insisted. ANOTHER thing is she is always so effing loud in the morning. Like do you not care at all that I’m trying to sleep over here? When she skips class and I’m up before her I’m like silent and so conscious of what I’m doing so I don’t wake her up. I’d expect the same amount of respect. And lastly (I’ll end my rant now), she always is asking me for info/gossip about other people. Like she asked about Brittany’s break up and literally was spit fire asking me 40 questions one after the other…like ASK BRITTANY YOURSELF MY GOD!!! No matter what she’s asking about it’s always a long stream of question one after the other it’s so unbelievably annoying. Ugh okay I’ll stop for now- I’m just so thankful she’s going away this weekend or I would literally be in a mental institute soon. I’ve never met someone like her it’s honestly so insane.



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