Last night we the hayride between all of us friends- it was about 35 people. It was my group of girl friends, another close group of girls that we also party with and all the rugby boys. We pregamed at their one apartment and then brought stuff for the bus ride and while we were there too. We literally got picked up by a school bus and were driven about 30 minutes away to the absolute middle of nowhere. It literally reminded me of a horror movie with all the hay and the old, scary farmers who drove the tractors that pull the hayrides. When we got off the bus we were split in to two different hay rides and those took us to the camp site. When I got on to mine, I sat next to this guy named Sam who I’ve always thought was really cool but that’s about as far as I thought about him. However, I was cold on the ride and he had his arm around me and was being really nice so I was like hmm this should be interesting…

We get to the camp site and there’s 2 bonfires, a stage for the band, and a kitchen set up with buns for the burgers and hot dogs they were cooking in the back as well as a “hot chocolate bar” and sodas and hot apple cider. It was a cute little set up. We all got food and continued to drink. We brought peppermint shnapps to put in the hot chocolate and MY GOD was that good. I somehow got back together with Sam and I was actually so happy. He was never someone I thought of but when it DID come to that I wondered why I never considered him before. We were sitting by the fire and he had his arm around me again and we were sharing the peppermint shnapps spiked hot chocolate and just talking. It was so cute. Butttt then this one guy was literally dying and Emma and I went to go help him. After we were done, Sam was dancing to the band with my friend Brittany- it was nothing serious clearly because it was like hard core country music and it was a huge joke. Brittany, though, just got single and she’s been weird about guys … like wanting someone I don’t know. I understand because she’s newly single after years but it’s annoying when it’s a guy I was interested in. I think he was just doing it as a joke but she was all into it. She told his friend she wanted to make out with him….

Some girl that used to hook up with Sam (one of the girls from the other girl group) literally never makes an effort to talk to me besides saying hi. She comes up to me while Sam is away and puts her arm around me like clearly doing it because of him. She even forced her way next to him on the bus ride home. The night was fun but I wish I got to be with Sam more. Now I’m a little smitten with him. I think I just want someone since it’s been so long and I’m grasping on to anyone that shows any legitimate interest in me. I guess I’ll just roll with it and see how things go but with this whole Brittany things it kind of seems stupid now. She keeps making fun of herself for telling people she wanted to make out with him so now it all seems like a joke. I don’t think she realized I was with him pretty much the entire night. They were all with the band the whole time and on a different hay ride than us so I don’t even think they saw- Only Emma did because she was with me and even she said he was all over me all night. Like I really don’t think Brittany has any idea because she only has been talking about her and him. Ugh sooo annoying I can never win with guys.


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