House hunting

I wasn’t too big on getting a house with 8 people next year but after going house hunting today I definitely am all for it. We all had a plan to live together senior year- my whole friend group and a house was the ideal situation. That’s what most people do for their last year. We had this idea since the end of last year but we really sucked at looking for houses this year- we just kept putting it off or if people would go they would barely look and not really get anywhere. One of Lauren’s friends is a senior and she had a house for us but Lauren didn’t really play it up to sound like it was anything special but it was the only house without ridiculous rent so we thought we’d check it out. It was only four of us because everyone else was busy but we went to it and even got to check out the inside and we all fell in love with it. That’s when I realized a house would be awesome for senior year. I’m in love with my friend group if you haven’t realized that by now and I would love to be surrounded by them. It is also awesome because we don’t need to put our name down on a list…it’ll just be passed down to us from Lauren’s friend. It seems like a nice enough place to call home but not too nice so we could get reckless. I’m so excited for next year now yay!


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