Hurricane Sandy

For all you East Coasters, I’m sure you’re with me and everyone else who is freaking out over this hurricane. I did not know the severity of it until like yesterday (this weekend was a blur, okay) and still didn’t fully understand it until today. State College – where PSU is located – I don’t think is going to get the worst of the storm but still, it’s in the path. Classes actually got cancelled today but not until after 1:10 so I still had my class today at 9:45. On the way there it was pouring but nothing severe and on the way back it wasn’t even raining at all. THEN I went back out to print some stuff and stock up on food and the winds were gusting so bad, flipping my umbrella inside out. I’m dreading how bad this storm is gonna get. The owners of the apartment were going around taking everything off the balconies and we have to keep them off until Friday. I’m mostly dreading losing power because growing up when I did, living without electricity is a death sentence. If I don’t have to go to my 3 classes tomorrow it might be worth it but I freaking hate storms and just want it to be over. I got as much food as I can but I’m hoping it’s enough for if the storm gets really bad.

Ahh the lights keep flickering so I’m gonna wrap this up to save the charge on my computer but if you’re getting hit with the storm now, stay safe!!


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