I’m baaackk

I got back yesterday from Thanksgiving break and now it’s the final stretch of the semester. I’m really excited to be back with my friends because (sorry but) they’re so much better than my friends from home — well except my best best friends of course… I mean the people I “party” with at home are terrible. It’s not even fun. I did have a “relapse” if you will and binge ate BAD Thursday and Friday, grossly resulting in a 5 pound increase but I’m thinking positive and moving forward from it. Coming back to school doesn’t mean just coming back to party and work on my body, though. The main thing is school and I know the rest of the semester is going to be hell. I just need to focus and push it out with the remaining 3 weeks. I know I won’t regret it if I try really hard and your grades are solid in stone so hard work is completely worth it. The weeks in between Thanksgiving and Winter break are ALWAYS the worst. The key is to try to get as much done during Thanksgiving break as you can- but that’s way easier said than done. I got some stuff done but I mostly just relaxed and hung out. Now that I’m back I’m back on my grind and am more in the mode to do work. This semester has been brutal for me but knowing that it’s getting closer and closer to the end is all the determination I need to stick it out and do my best.


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