This happened one of the first nights of syllabus week. We pregamed at my apartment once again and then were off to one of the boys’ rugby parties (ok, I know we do this like every night but they’re our guy friends so STFU hahah). ANYWAYYYY, I told you about Sean- this was the night after I refused to actually hook up with him because of Jessica so things were a little weird… well kinda. I didn’t know what he was thinking because I had to have been the most annoying person in the world considering all guys wanna do is hook up and he was with me the entire night hearing me say noooo I can’ttttt. Haha god bless himm. I go in there, though, and my friend Emma and I have the mindset that we just want shots so bad (obvi)- I somehow lose her and am with John (my former obsession from last year that I used to hook up with) and he said that they have tequila shots so he took me over to get one. Low and behold, he invites over freaking Sean out of everyone to come take a shot with us so here I am!!! Just one big happy family!!!! I forced 2 more tequila shots out of the guy who was holding the bottle and I was at a good level for the rest of the party. My one friend Kathryn who just transferred here (but would literally visit every weekend last year because her boyfriend goes here…so basically we met her that way and it was like she was here) is super fun and is always dancing going all out at parties. They push their coffee table to the side so there’s room to dance and Kat and I were on it and my extremely sloppy guy friend who had been groping girls all night tried to come up and grabbed me, lost balance, began to wobble off, and used me to try to regain balance and ended up pushing me back and on to their tv stand. Yup, so that shattered…………………….. The guy that pushed me was scared shitless, you should have seen the look in his eyes. He effing darted out of there, leaving me on the ground. Sean was the one who helped me up and he asked if I was bleeding and was making sure I was alright, being a complete gentleman but I was just acting like I completely fine. It made it seem like I was a sloppy bitch but in reality I wasn’t that drunk and it was not my fault!!!!! All the guys living there were cool about it except one (the one dude I did not know -___-) BUT it’s been a week and they still haven’t said anything about it so I think I’m fine. They knew it wasn’t me and they even felt bad for me. Later on in the party some random girl goes “HEY you’re bleeding!!” and I look down and see this huge line of blood gushing from just under my knee. So, uh, Sean, guess I was bleeding afterall haha. One of my otherrr guy friends cleaned me up and I have fine for then but I woke up with a massive bruise right under my butt which I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how I acquired then when walking behind me in the streets but all things considering, I’m lucky I didn’t get seriously hurt. And hey, makes a good story!


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