Jessica and her psychoness

I said I’d do a post on this last blog and I feel pretty bad doing it in when we’re about 5 yards apart right now but oh well. I love Jessica don’t get me wrong but we definitely got some problems. First off, the whole Sean thing. She has taken it to a whole new level with giving me shit for it. I’ve mentioned all those things before but it seriously is getting on my nerves. I guess it’s her kind of humor but I literally think it’s zero percent funny and Sean is thinking she’s completely crazy because of it. I’ve already gotten into all that so for this blog I’ll let it be with the whole Sean dilemma and focus more on how else she’s nuts..

Now before I go on, I just want to say that this isn’t just me thinking this but my roommates and other friends have also noticed and have commented on it. It’s noticeable and it’s bad. Alright so this might sound weird to have an issue with but she’s literally always saying my name. Like she’s trying to get my attention but half the time when I say what back she doesn’t even have anything to say. Like what the fuck do you just enjoy being annoying. And she creepily will say my name as she’s opening the door to our apartment like sing it. It reminds me of a horror movie and that’s she’s calling my name to come kill me. She’s doing it in a nice way though. It’s fucking weird and creepy. She’s up my ass all the time though and always asking me weird shit like “what would you do if I was addicted to coke?” (she’s literally not at all- like hasn’t even done it so it’s not like she’s trying to reach out to me) but I say I don’t know like don’t even look up from the studying I try to do and she keeps going on and on like “… Would you tell my mom?” “I don’t know” “would you get me help?” LIKE I DONT KNOW AND WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS. She’s constantly asking me what I’m doing when it’s clear what I’m doing like brushing my hair. She’s always asking me questions about other people that I don’t know why she would assume I’d know and why can’t you ask them. That’s confusing what I just said but an example is that Brittany walked in from coming from Urban Outfitters and I opened the door for her and like walked back to the room to finish getting ready like I was there for 1 second and she asks me what she got from Urban. Like I don’t know and why don’t you ask Brittany… Why would I know that. She ALSO is always asking me questions like making situations worse. I’ll explain….
I saw Lauren hooking up with John (John my ex obsession and Lauren hooking up with him last year was when everything went down hill) and she kept asking me questions about how I felt about it and wouldn’t let it go. Like I didn’t feel bad but now I do because of you thanks a lot. And lastly, she literally does NOT listen. You think with all the questioning she does she would be a great listener but she asks me questions, I answer them and she’ll ask me the same question again 10 minutes later. It’s really fucking annoying to repeat myself million times. If we’re all sitting around, talking about something she’ll like look at us talking and seem like she’s paying attention but after talking about it for 10 minutes and it being over for 5, she’ll ask us a question that we clearly addressed multiple times while we were talking. It’s like where is your brain. I don’t get her. The last part is add but the others I think there’s something wrong with her. Like something is off. I’m just venting here so obviously I’m only saying the bad parts but there’s also a lot of good too. Like I said she’s my good friend but it’s always going to be hard adjusting living with someone new. I hope she chills out though I don’t know how much longer I can take this.


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