junior year

Alright so I’ve been absolutely sucking at blogging but that just goes to show how busy I am having fun! This apartment is more that I could ever ask for. I’m so happy with every single thing about it. I seriously have an extreme obsession with it. Also, my roommates and I mesh really well together. We’re all mellow and friendly and not selfish so it works. I know it’s only been a couple days so we’ll see but I know how we all are and know how easy going we all are. I’m directly in a room with Jessica and then Abbie and Brittany are in the room right next to us. I think it’s good that way too because Abbie and Brittany are best best friends and were roommates last year so they have the same dynamic going and know how to live together. Jessica and I both are way more in to school and working out so it’s good we’re together. My room is decorated SO cute too. AHH but I won’t sit here talking about how obsessed I am with my apartment because that’s dumb and boring. SO…as you know it’s syllabus week. Therefore you go out every night and if you don’t then shame on you. You’re not gonna have any work and do and are just gonna sit in class and learn about the semester aka you’re not gonna listen so you might as well go out. Syllabus week is great funness wise but ain’t the healthiest thing for your body…who cares though. You only have so many syllabus weeks in your life. And this is great because now I’ll actually have stories and not just weight loss tips that more than half of you are like shut the eff up already!!!!!!! So let me start with Friday night…

I was pretty much all moved in…needed to do the finishing touches and finish decorating but for the most part all of my stuff was in place. It was a long ass day so I was ready to drink. I was so nervous how big of a light weight I was gonna be, though, so I hadn’t drank for over a month. My school tolerance by the end of the year is ridiculous from the build up but that got killed over the summer SO I tried to be careful. I watched my shots because I wanted to make sure I remembered the night. It sucked, though, because all the rugby boys couldn’t drink because they had an alumni game so we were all predicting a pretty chill night. Boo. Everyone just came over and I hate drinking with people who aren’t drinking so that kind of ruined the vibe. It took us effing forever to get a move on to the party but at midnight we finally did. It was one of Brittany’s friends from home but we literally knew no one there and there was no more alcohol left so that only means one thing…we leave. We were heading over to another party but it was all the way at the other end of town so when we got close to my apartment I pussied out and just went to sleep. Hey, I was moving all day and was tired as fuck anddd I didn’t think that it would be worth it since it sounded low key. So night number one was more getting moved in a reuniting with (almost) everyone. The craziness was to follow – aka Saturday night – which I’ll explain tomorrow. Just wanna say I loveee my life woo!


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