last Friday night going out in the semester

The past weekend was essentially my last real weekend because finals are next week and that means I have to get my shit together and not be a huge mess like I get on the weekends. I know I can study and do my work during the day and I probably won’t do much at night when I would be going out but the whole thing is when I go out I wake up extremely late and 9 times out of 10 I’m so hungover that I can barely think. Regardless of how sick I feel the next day, it takes me a WHILE to get going rather than if I didn’t drink the night before I’d be nice and fresh and ready to go.

Alright so this weekend… talk about a freaking shit show. I wasn’t even planning on going out this weekend because I have 4 presentations this week but then I got really in the mood and I didn’t even have that much work to do for them at all since we basically already got everything done for them SO I went out. My roommates Brittany and Ali (I swear I probably change their names every single time because I can never remember what I switched them to) went to Pitt for the weekend because Ali’s best friend from home who goes to Pitt was turning 21… aka it was Jessica and I left alone in the apartment. I had a pretty busy day on Friday so I was really pumped to go out. I blabbed on and on last posts about how sick I am of the rugby boys so I was trying to find us other plans for the night. However, the girls down the hall from the two rugby apartments – where Jessica lived last year so we’re friends with all those girls- was having a Christmas party so we were kind of obligated to go to that and all the boys would obviously be going there too. I wanted to see Connor and those boys at some point first so I dragged Emma to pregame the pregame with me there. I planned on taking it easy but anytime I go there, they get me really drunk. They love fucking with me and know they can easily trick me into drinking a lot- and somehow they always always always succeed. I was pretty tipsy when I left but I thought I was at a good level. I told Connor and them to come by later to the party because 1. I wanted to hang out with them (obviously) and 2. so it wasn’t like hey! let me binge drink your alcohol and then bounce. Emma and I got to the apartment complex and everyone else was still pregaming the party so we got sucked in to continuing to pregame hard. It was literally us and all boys so you can only imagine how quick and constant the shots were. Girls cannot handle what boys can!! I blacked out pretty hard this night but I do have random conscious moments where I’m just being a loud drunk obnoxious idiot. I remember still being in search mode for alcohol when we got there.. Emma and I always seem to do that for whatever reason. Then, I saw a bunch of people from home that I knew who all literally came piling in the door. One of the roommates at the party we were at went to my “rival” high school so that’s how we’re connected. It was good finally seeing them since I hardly get to see them. One of the guys who I met last year through them came up to me and started talking to me saying he remembered me — yeah, last year when I was blacked out and thought I was funny I kept making fun of you and putting on a huge show literally in front of the huge party. We even had a push up contest…you’re probably reading this like what the eff but when I get really drunk I think I’m extra hilarious and just keep going and going with the one liners and/or insults. I could go all night. That’s what I did with him and that was literally the only time I talked to him. I was like um ya I remember you I kept saying you were gay and he ever so smoothly replied “yeah, well I’ll prove to you I’m not” and started making out with me. I am definitely not one who likes PDA so I felt really weird, even being at drunk as I was. I blacked out again and somehow I got away from him and was talking to all my friends on the rugby team, being obnoxious some more I’m sure. One of the guys the next day said they had a lot of fun with me this night – which kind of frightens me but I’ll go with I was just funny to laugh WITH and not AT. Haha.. Then, Connor and Kevin came and I hung out with them for a while. This is where I completely have zero memory. I just have texts from the morning from a guy named Terence saying he walked me home. I don’t remember getting home but I remember drunk eating my body weight (sort of) and then that guy from earlier texting me saying he wanted to come over. I’m an idiot so I said yes and he came over and we had an “adult sleepover.” heheh – I really shouldn’t have but it was time I actually interacted with a boy so whatever. Luckily, he left at like 7am ..I hate when they stick around.. and I got to go back to sleep. It was a pretty successful night. I was glad I wasn’t stubborn and refused to hang out with the rugby kids because I ended up having a lot of fun with them. I hope this continues because I do love them but sometimes they just are SO BORINGGGGG like come on guys LETS PARTY!!


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