Last night

I know the 21st birthday post is long overdue but I really need to talk about last night first. First of all let me say I was contemplating not going out…. yeah, well, that did not happen. Emma and I went to this one girl’s pregame for her 21st birthday that I barely knew but all my guy friends (the non rugby guys) were going and I wanted to see them AND Emma’s roommates are all really good friends with her so it kind of just worked out that we went there. Everyone was dispersed in different places (my “core” group) which was weird but Emma and I just stuck together the whole night. Okay so this pregame was freaking BYOB which is like unheard of especially for a 21st pregame. We brought like a half of a water bottle of Emma’s stuff because that’s all she had left and we took 3 shots at her apartment but it was lame so we got out of there pretty soon. Next, we went to these guys’ house who Emma met somehow and they’re literally the nicest guys ever. They are so welcoming and always give us so much beer sooo I had no problem going there. The only thing is though they’re not that exciting. They just stand around and drink..which is fine but I wanted a party party. Basically Emma and I just chugged 2 beers so fast and went to rugby. On the way there Emma said she didn’t feel good and I was like Oh just puke right here it’s fine! Like what dumbasses hahah it was on the side of a major street but to my defense there was literally no one around so she just did it and was good to go. We got to the rugby apartment and their social was just ending with club soccer so it was pretty awkward and empty. I start blacking out at this point so my story is definitely gonna be really spotty but I do know that I was talking to Sean a lot and god knows what about and Emma and Dan were talking. Dan has had a huge crush on Emma for so long. He’s the nicest guy in the world but he’s so unfortunate looking it’s such a shame. She wants to like him so bad and he’s starting to be less shy and talk to her more so we’ll see what happens. Dan and Sean are best friends so it’s kind of funny. Anyway, that party was seriously sucking and I just remember talking to random guys like I remember bits of my conversations with different people but I don’t even want to know what the fuck I was saying to them fully. I suck. Sean’s apartment is like right across the hall, literally, from where the party was so me, Emma, and Dan all went over there to take shots. We lost Sean he was like dancing or something weird…he was wasted (not like I can talk). This is when I really start to lose memory but I remember Sean kept coming in and out and said for me to go sleep with him because we were both literally so dead. I somehow ended up asleep on the couch and I found out today that apparently Sean was sleeping next to me but like on the floor hahah. What the HELL.. next thing I remember is Sean’s roommate who I’m really good friends with picking me up and moving me to the big couch and giving me a blanket and insisting I stay there over night so I wouldn’t have to walk home. Next thing I know and I’m awake on the couch with a view of Dan sleeping on the floor hahaha sorry Dan. It was like 9:30 and everyone was asleep so I just made a quick exit right when I got up. I freaking wore heels the night before so I had to do a terrible walk of shame – starting out walking with just my socks, holding my heels and then I just ended up putting them on. It was 9:30 so SO many people saw me. It was awful. I just walked with my head down and just focused on my destination hahaha. It honestly was so bad though…just picture a girl was blood shot eyes, dramatic going out make up, straightened but messed up hair, a going out shirt with a satchel, skinny jeans, and heels walking at 9am…like kill me now. Now that’s it over it’s a funny story to tell but it seriously SUCKED during. Ugh… so college.



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