last night

As you know, given that today is Friday, you know that yesterday was Thirsty Thursday. I was literally dying waiting for Thursday to come all week … so clearly I was excited for the night. We started pregaming during the VMAs and continued up until we went to a friend of my friend Emma’s house. They were actually so nice and very generous with their beer but there was a girl from Brittany’s high school that was there and she was literally stalking her, following her, saying she would come with us to the next party and Brittany needed to be saved so I said I felt sick and Brittany and I left. We just did a huge loop and met everyone at the rugby boys’ apartment for the next party. As soon as I got in there, Sean was talking to me and we talked for a while but I had to leave to have time to dance wit ma gurlzz. It was actually so fun.. If you don’t dance at a party then you’re not fun and we danced a lottt so I was actually having the time of my life. I always tend to get on some kind of elevated object and dance on that so I was doing that a lot (yaaa being one of those girls) but once my cup was empty it was time to go back and fill it up and chat it back up with Sean. I like how he actually talks to me and shows interest- John it was like I would pray for him to talk to me and when he did it was brief and I don’t know, it just really didn’t seem like he cared. Sean like makes an effort. I know he doesn’t necessarily like me but I like how he makes me some sort of a priority. We were talking a lot and freaking psycho Jessica (my roommate who “was obsessed” with him and apparently isn’t anymore) of course HAS to give us a look again and like pours beer on my shorts as a “joke.” I told him and he was like I don’t want her to keep tormenting you like this because of me. You can tell it’s really causing a strain on our whatever our “relationship” is and it sucks because she’s literally crazy. I’m actually going to do a whole post on her tomorrow or something because she’s been driving me up a wall- not even just with him. Anyway, he was talking to me and asked me if I wanted to dance and I really did not want to like grind up on someone – I hate that – but I was like ughhh fine whatever (obviously not what a guy wants to hear hahah) but when I got up, I had to get another beer first and I turn around and he’s already like dancing with some other girl so I was like umm this is stupid….. He was definitely so drunk but I’m not gonna be all nice to you after you do something like that like that’s just a little messed up. You don’t ask someone to dance and then go and dance with someone else hahah like what is wrong with you. Then, for some reason, like everyoneeee starts making out and my friend Emma and I were just like WHAT IS GOING ON?!!! We had to leave because it was like a middle school dance and we were freaked out. Despite the weird ending, I had so much fun. Honestly, any time I dance I have fun and I finally didn’t drunk eat so I was so proud of myself…workout and no late night eating go me :))))))

Also, I don’t know what to think about Sean. I don’t want to like date him or anything but I don’t want to be treated like an idiot sooo not too sure what to do about that. :/


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