last real Saturday of the semester

I woke up Saturday feeling exactly how I should have from the night before…well actually I was definitely still drunk so I was in a drunk, happy daze. Emma came over since our thing with our friends is always to recap and since Amy and Brittany weren’t here it was just us too… and since we missed them we laid in their beds, talked about the night, and the video chatted with them to hear about theirs. After they had to go we decided to continue this video chat movement and try to chat with all of our guy friends- clearly we were still wasted. Recapping is one of the best things because you kind of relive the night but also get filled in on all the shit you missed because you were either not around or too shit faced to realize. That day was beer olympics and I originally was going to work on a group project but got peer pressured to get out of it so I did BUT I kind of just wanted to sit around and do nothing and finding a team last minute was not a challenge I was up for. If you don’t know what beer olympics is it’s a bunch of different teams that represent different countries and compete against each other in different drinking games. Meanwhile while they’re having fun doing that, I’m in my apartment dead on my couch watching movies and eating all day. I needed to revamp though so it was much needed. I was really afraid everyone would be too drunk to go out later .

I ended up going over to where beer olympics was held at like 7 and everyone was definitely drunk and dying out. I found some vodka and started to go to town. Somehow I got stuck in a room with Lauren and John…

If you don’t know how bad that is basically I used to have the biggest crush on John last year until I saw him hooking up with Lauren (one of my best friends) in front of my face. Lauren and I talked and didn’t know about each other’s feelings for him and [I thought] agreed to just both get over him but APPARENTLY not. She swooped in and has been after him all year. She’s been successful too because now they’re like ‘together-ish’. Every single party they’re together so if they’re in the same place- they’re hooking up and she most likely will go home with him. It’s just annoying how she did that but whatever. It’s not so much whatever when she is all flirty literally right in front of me. Especially when it’s just only us 3 in a room. That’s like extremely rude. I was pretty pissed but luckily Emma came back from getting food and we left the room together and saw that basically everyone left. It was just me, Emma, and two of the guys that lived there. We were all taking shots together, blasting and dancing to music and I was seriously having the time of my life. They surprised me how fun they were. It was more fun alone with them than with the huge group. Our one friend Gabriella left one of the rooms where she was fighting with her ex boyfriend and she was crying so we left with her to one of our friends’ apartments. We had the intentions that we were still going to go out but no one was making moves and at this point Emma and I were so tired we just went home. I passed out for a good two hours and woke up at 4:30am with a text from the guy from the night before. I said sorry I passed out, anticipating a text in the morning but he texted back right away and said he was still up if I wanted him to come over. I said yes because I wasn’t thinking but when he came and we started hooking up, something came over me and I wanted nothing more than for him to leave. It might have had something to do with the Lauren and John thing but I really really him away from me. I just don’t think he’s the ideal guy for me and I’m not one to just hook up with someone just because. I want that spark and excitement. I made up that I was sick and kept trying to hint for him to go home but he JUST WASN’T GETTING IT!!! I was getting so mad. I literally was saying I was going to throw up and was sitting up, getting water, walking out into the living room, and whatnot and this guy is just laying there and dozing off in to sleep randomly. I got so frustrated I had to actually ask for him to leave. I’m not trying to sleep with you in my tiny bed all night when I’m “sick” you freak. (hahah I’m such a bitch) .. He was so nice about it all though so I kind of feel bad but whatever. I can’t handle how I feel. He even texted me 5 minutes later saying he hoped I felt better and when he woke up. It’s hard when they’re nice but maybe he’s too nice for me. I just know when I really have that feeling for someone and it just wasn’t there for me. I guess because I was so blacked out Friday I didn’t even realize but Saturday I had that 2 hour sobering up nap to see that I wasn’t really in to him. It’s a shame but now I know- learning experience I guess.


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