Made it through the weekend

So I made it through the weekend without binge eating, which makes me so happy because I just needed to suck it up one weekend and be careful. See, last year I used to gain 5 pounds in a weekend but I could easily burn it off all throughout the week so I was always set. Since I didn’t start at my goal weight, if I would gain 5 I would get down to just the weight I was before- which is 5 more pounds than I want. SO I took a break this weekend and pulled it off and I leave for Thanksgiving break on Thursday so I won’t be as pressured to drink. I don’t even care that I didn’t drink this weekend but it wasn’t even fun, like I expected. Friday night they literally drank and the 21 year olds went to the bar and everyone else did nothing and then last night we went to the rugby boys’ apartment and it was SO boring. I would have been so pissed if I drank. Half the time when I binge eat is when I had a really crappy time and those were both crappy nights so I most likely would have drunk ate. I’m really getting sick of the boys and when I drink after Thanksgiving break, I do not want it to be wasted on them. I want to drink with purpose. They used to be so much more fun and now theyre blah. I don’t know if it’s because now we’re just friends with them and they don’t seem as compelled to show us a good time or because they’re all in apartments this year and not houses like previous years. Either way, they gotta step their game up because I can’t do this every weekend. I wanna have FUNNNNNN! So hopefully they get it together but it was okay they sucked this weekend because it just validated my point and made it easier for me not to drink…BUT in the future they need to not be so dull.


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